Tokyo Disneyland: New Free Priority Pass vs. Fast Pass – What’s the Difference?

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Tokyo Disneyland Resort will unveil a brand-new expedited entry system called the “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” during the summer of 2023. This pass will cover a total of 14 popular attractions across Disneyland and DisneySea, and the best part is that it will be completely free of charge. As a result, the Fast Pass system, which has been in use until the COVID-19 pandemic, will officially become a thing of the past starting from June 7th. How does the Priority Pass work, and how is it different from the Fast Pass?

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[The “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass”]

Reducing Wait Times for Attractions

By using the Priority Pass, guests can significantly reduce their wait times for attractions by selecting their desired rides through the official app. This grants them expedited access, allowing them to experience their preferred attractions with minimal queueing.

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Since the purpose is to shorten waiting times rather than eliminating them entirely, guests can make the most of their wait by enjoying various shows or making restaurant reservations.

Free of Charge, No Additional Fees

Similar to the previous Fast Pass system, the Priority Pass is available free of charge. Once inside the park, guests can obtain the “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” through the official app at no additional cost. They can then proceed to the selected attractions at the designated time.

However, according to the official statement from Tokyo Disneyland Resort, the “Priority Pass” is currently only available for a limited time. It is uncertain whether it will transition to a paid service or be discontinued after the limited period ends.

A Service Offered for a Limited Time

The “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” is a new expedited entry pass introduced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Unlike the previous Fast Pass system, this pass is not a permanent feature.

According to the official announcement, it will be implemented starting from summer 2023, but the end date has not been disclosed yet.

Perhaps it will become a permanent offering… Who knows?

「Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass」Applicable Attractions: Total of 14

Tokyo Disneyland Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
Big Thunder Mountain
Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
Haunted Mansion
Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
Tokyo Disneyland Sea Aquatopia
Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Turtle Talk
Nemo & Friends SeaRider
The Magic Lamp Theater
Raging Spirits

If you want to obtain FastPass access to attractions other than the aforementioned 14, you can use the Disney Premium Access introduced in May 2022. However, please note that this service requires payment.

How to Use Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass


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In reality, the “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” is not much different from the previous FastPass in terms of its content.

You can obtain the “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” for free through the official Disney app. Simply select the attractions you wish to experience and proceed to the designated entrance at the specified time.

At the entrance of each attraction, there are several machines equipped with QR code readers. By scanning the QR code displayed on the Tokyo Disney Resort app, the authentication process is completed. Once authenticated, you can enter the facility through the Priority Access Entrance and enjoy the attraction.

How does the “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” compare to the FastPass?

The FastPass was the previous fast access service introduced in Tokyo Disney Resort. Guests could obtain a FastPass ticket from the nearby distribution machines and then enter the attraction through the designated priority queue at the specified time.

However, since the temporary closure of the park in February 2020, the FastPass distribution has been suspended. It was officially announced that starting from June 2023, the FastPass would be discontinued and replaced by the “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass.”

The “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” does not have a physical paper ticket. Instead, it is obtained directly through the official Disney app, where you can select attractions and acquire the digital Priority Pass for fast access. It can be seen as a digitized version of the FastPass.

Both passes share the following features:
– Reducing wait times for attractions
– Free to use

However, the “Tokyo Disneyland Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” is currently offered as a limited-time free fast access privilege, and its future is uncertain.


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