Welcome Suica Mobile: The Convenient App Version of Welcome Suica

JR East Japan has announced plans to enhance ticketing services for visiting foreign tourists. The latest news reveals that the Suica card for foreign tourists, “Welcome Suica,” will launch a mobile app version called “Welcome Suica Mobile,” expected to be available in the spring of 2025. This app will support only the iOS system and initially offer an English version only. Previously, purchasing or recharging a “Welcome Suica” required visiting a ticket counter or vending machine. With this app, all operations can be done on a smartphone, which is incredibly convenient! Additionally, the app will provide travel and operational information for the East Japan area, making travel more hassle-free.

Moreover, starting in the spring of 2026, “Welcome Suica Mobile” will integrate with the “JR-EAST Train Reservation” website, enabling ticketless travel on Shinkansen and limited express trains. This is truly exciting news!

What is Welcome Suica Mobile ?

Welcome Suica Mobile

Name: “Welcome Suica Mobile”
Supported Devices: iPhone, Apple Watch ※ Some devices may not be supported depending on the iOS or watchOS version.
Language: English
Launch Period: Spring 2025
Validity: 180 days from the issuance date

For more information on the physical Welcome Suica card, refer to this article: The Welcome Suica for Foreigners Visiting Japan

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Card Design of Welcome Suica Mobile App

The mobile app version of Welcome Suica Mobile uses the same red and white color scheme for the card design as the physical version, with sakura blossoms depicting the shape of Japan. This card, like other transportation IC cards, is usable nationwide in Japan.

The background of the card features the symbolic “shippō” (seven treasures), lavishly displaying various traditional Japanese patterns in gold, which represent “good relationships” and “warding off evil.”

The overall design symbolizes the hope that you will have a “safe” and enriching interaction with “people and culture” during your stay in Japan.

Main Functions of Welcome Suica Mobile

Online Purchase and Recharge

① Download the app on your iPhone and issue a Suica in advance, making your post-arrival travel smoother.

② Easily recharge anytime and anywhere using a credit card set up in Apple Pay.

Easier Access to Shinkansen and Tourist Information

③ Use Welcome Suica Mobile for “Touch de Go! Shinkansen” (a service allowing travel on Shinkansen by simply touching the Suica card at the ticket gate, without the need for an additional ticket) for non-reserved seats on the Shinkansen.

④ Conveniently obtain information on popular tourist spots and train operations through the app.

Integration with Shinkansen and Reserved Seat Tickets

Planned for spring 2026, “Welcome Suica Mobile” will be integrated with the “JR-EAST Train Reservation” system, allowing you to purchase tickets before entering Japan and enjoy ticketless services applicable to JR East’s Shinkansen and reserved seats on conventional lines. In the future, even reserved seat tickets for limited express trains will be ticketless!

Welcome Suica Mobile vs. Welcome Suica Physical Card

Currently, the physical Welcome Suica card can only be purchased at vending machines and JR East Travel Service Centers in Terminal 3 of Haneda Airport. Once Welcome Suica Mobile is launched, it will undoubtedly bring immense convenience to travelers visiting Japan.

In most aspects, Welcome Suica Mobile and the Welcome Suica physical card are the same, differing only in recharge methods and validity periods.

Similarities between Welcome Suica Mobile and Welcome Suica Physical Card

The following aspects are the same for both Welcome Suica Mobile and Welcome Suica Physical Card:

  • Anonymous Suica card
  • No deposit required
  • Non-refundable
  • Automatically expires after the validity period
  • Can be recharged (SF, Stored Fare)
  • Can be used as an e-wallet
  • Can be used to purchase certain discount tickets (おトクなきっぷ)

Differences between Welcome Suica Mobile and Welcome Suica Physical Card

The following aspects differ between Welcome Suica Mobile and Welcome Suica Physical Card:

The validity of Welcome Suica is 28 days from the first day of use, after which it automatically expires and cannot be extended. In contrast, Welcome Suica Mobile is valid for 180 days from the issuance date (regardless of use) and cannot be extended.

For recharging, the physical Welcome Suica card can only be recharged with cash at recharge machines in major JR stations, while Welcome Suica Mobile can be recharged via a credit card linked to Apple Pay or at recharge machines that support mobile Suica cards (these machines are usually found in larger stations and have a slot for placing your phone, illuminated with a purple light).


These changes bring us immense convenience, and we look forward to the launch of these new services! When you travel to Japan, you can enjoy an even smoother transportation experience.

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