After the epidemic must visit! 2021 Japan’s new regulation opening attractions facilities six choices

Since the outbreak of the new pneumonia epidemic in early 2020, governments of various countries have introduced measures such as travel bans, foreigner bans, and quarantine measures to prevent the rapid expansion of the epidemic. This entire year must be the least amount of international exchange and travel in the 21st century.

However, even though there is no way to travel abroad, for those who love Japanese culture and wish to visit Japan, they must be keeping an eye on the changes in Japan, right?

This time we’ll introduce you to what new attractions and facilities will be opened in Japan in 2021 that are worth visiting.

*Updated on 2021/09/08

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Nagoya Dome renamed

In fact, this can’t be considered as a new regulation opening attraction, after all, the Dome is still the same Dome. However, for many fans who came to Japan to see the control, I think it is necessary to introduce it a little. The next time you come to Nagoya Dome to see the control, you should search for the new name “バンテリンドーム ナゴヤ” (vantelin dome nagoya) instead of the original name “ナゴヤドーム” when you search for the route on the map.

The operating company of Nagoya Dome signed a contract with Xinghe at the end of 2020, transferring the naming rights of the dome to Xinghe for a period of five years (January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2025). So for at least five years, Nagoya’s Dome will exist under the new name “バンテリンドーム ナゴヤ” mentioned above. (But even if the name is changed, people will probably continue to call it Nagoya Dome.

According to the management company, the Nagoya Dome has been loved by many people, mainly professional baseball fans, even before it was officially called Nagoya Dome. The transfer of the naming rights to a major local company is a sign of the company’s determination to get closer to local life.

Shinjuku IKEA Opens

Following the opening of the Harajuku IKEA on June 8 and the Shibuya IKEA on November 30, 2020, IKEA has announced that its third IKEA in Tokyo, the Shinjuku IKEA, will open in the spring of 2021.

The new store will be located in Shinjuku, the heart of the city, a five-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station and a two-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Sanchome Station, making it a convenient location.

The store will occupy a total area of 3,270 square meters, starting from the B1 level on the ground floor and ending with three floors above ground. As with IKEA, you will be able to buy CP-value products and experience Swedish cuisine in the restaurant. Even if you’re not here to buy anything, it’s a good choice for a vacation to follow the IKEA guided shopping route, do some window shopping and eat some delicious food.


A famous amusement park that foreign tourists and Japanese alike will not want to miss on their trip to Osaka: Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

A new park is being planned for this year!

If you have been exposed to two plumbers wearing red hats and green hats as a child, and if you know that mushrooms and gold coins will pop up when you top the square on your head, then you must visit this new park: SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

This is a new theme park of USJ after Harry Potter Park. The entrance is designed in the shape of Mario’s water pipe, and the park is structured in multiple levels from underground to above ground. The park is divided into two main themes, one with Yoshi as the theme and the other with the Mario racing series.

In the park, visitors can not only experience the various fun items of Mario and other old IPs, but also collect virtual gold coins in the park through specially made wristbands. In addition, it is said that there will be a Mario AR roller coaster in Kuba Castle. Although the roller coaster itself does not really leave the track, visitors can experience the joy of participating in the game through the corresponding headgear.

However, the official opening of Super Nintendo World was planned for February 4, 2021, but due to the declaration of urgency by the Japanese and Osaka governments, the opening date has been extended indefinitely. There is also information about the opening in spring 2021, but we’ll see what happens.

Romance Train Museum

The Odakyu Romance Express is a must-see when traveling to Kamakura and Hakone, and in April 2021, a Romance Train Museum will be opened in front of Kairona Station on the Odakyu Line, where various types of Odakyu Electric Railway vehicles from 1927 will be displayed, and entertainment facilities such as a children’s playground, shopping center, and café will be available. In addition, the museum will include simulated driving equipment so that visitors can experience what it is like to drive in the cabin of the Romantic Express.

If you are a tram fan, then this is definitely a must-visit place!

Seibu Amusement Park

If you want to experience Tokyo in the Edo period, then you can go to Edo Village in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture; if you want to experience Tokyo in the Golden Age of Showa, then you can’t miss Seibu Amusement Park in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture.

In 2020, the park announced that it will be remodeled and officially closed on November 1 of that year. The goal of the renovation is to reopen the park in the spring of 2021 with the look of 1960’s Tokyo. As you enter the park, you can see the world of Showa style.

The park also has a merry-go-round, an octopus, a pirate ship, a Ferris wheel, and other facilities, so it’s worth a visit!

Update May 19, 2021: Seibu Amusement Park opened today, so if you’re in Japan, take precautions and go visit!


In spring 2021, YOKOHAMA AIR CABIN, the world’s newest urban circular aerial gondola, will open in the Mirai 21 area of Yokohama City Port.

The aerial ropeway will connect JR Sakuragicho Station with Canal Park in the Shinko area. The cable car will provide an aerial view of the commercial facilities at Shinko Pier, the red brick warehouses, Yamashita Park, the scenery along Chinatown, and even the Yamashita Pier with its steel bullets.

The cable car is scheduled to open on April 22, 2021, so if you have the chance, you can take a ride.

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