The tenugui shop Azabujuban Asa no Ha is holding an exhibition of sensu folding fans as they do every summer.

From cotton cloth sensu fans to washi paper sensu fans, they now have sensu fans with a variety of designs. Sensu related items such as sensu fan bag and sensu fan display stand are also available.

The sensu folding fan is made of Japanese washi paper or cloth fixed to thin bamboo slats that are held together by a pivot at one end of a fan. Because sensu fans are collapsible and they can be closed when not in use, they are convenient to bring along and to store.

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In Japan, sensu folding fan is used when people wear kimono, or in formal settings such as in traditional performing arts and tea ceremony. In summer, it is used as an ecological item that induces an airflow for the purpose of cooling or refreshing oneself. Outside Japan, sensu is also popular as a decoration.

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Japanese Traditional Crafts -Folding Fan-


Until End of August


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About this shop

Azabujuban Asa no Ha is a Tenugui shop. Since its opening in July 2010, the shop has been favored by Japanese as well as foreigners living in Japan who are looking for gifts to bring overseas, and also by foreign visitors to Japan.

Tenugui is a unique Japanese dyed cloth that has been used since the 8th century. Japanese people use Tenugui in daily life in various ways, like as a handkerchief, a scarf, a wrapping cloth, a bandage, and so on.

Tenugui from Asa no Ha is made by craftsmen using traditional techniques. The designs are based on the artworks by Japanese painters and woodblock artists, and the stencils are engraved by skilled artisans of Ise-katagami, which are paper stencils for dyeing textiles. To put the patterns on cloth, a traditional technique called “chusen” is used. Their Tenugui has the warmth of cotton and chic modern texture.

Besides over 300 patterns of original Tenugui, Azabujuban Asa no Ha offers a variety of items such as handkerchiefs, tote bags, cushions, folding fans, coin purses, “noren” curtains and more that are all made with Tenugui. They also take orders for custom made cushions, “noren” curtains, aprons and etc. using the Tenugui of your choice. For those who wish to display Tenugui as an art piece, they offer frames and hanging scrolls.

The shop also has a section where they exhibit and sell artists works and seasonal items.

Asa no Ha hopes you enjoy the four seasons and traditional culture of Japan through Tenugui.


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