The Tenugui (hand-dyed cotton textile) shop `Asa no Ha` at Azabu-Juban / Roppongi invites you to Summer Special event—Japanese traditional fans exhibition and sale!


Asa no Ha Shop


Japanese Fans are made of textile or traditional paper with bamboo handle. Quite traditional materials and technique are used.


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What design do you like? Beautiful Cherry blossom? Mt. Fuji? Cute Goldfish? Cool Dragon? Lucky signs ?–There is ANY kind! And the price is starting JPY2,000.

Let`s see some design.


Lucky beckoning cats `Maneki-Neko`.


`Fujin-Raijin`, God of Wind and God of Thunder.


You`ll love these unique designs.

Visit the event and have a fun with fans!!



Japanese Traditional Fans Exhibition and Sale




Until End of August



Event Space in Azabujuban Asa no Ha


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Art Sou:

Also available for purchase on CDJapan: Asa no Ha on CDJapan (International Shipping)


*All images by Asa no Ha