Enjoy Cashless Shopping in Japan with PayPay!

In Japan, in addition to traditional cash and credit card payments, there are more and more mobile payment methods, such as linepay, paypay, and mer-pay of mercari, Japan’s largest second-hand goods trading app platform. Among them, “PayPay” is popular because it is spread all over Japan, there are more merchants that support “PayPay” payment, and “PayPay” is easy to use.

It is also very easy to apply for a “PayPay” account, as long as you have a Japanese cell phone number, you can easily register an account, and it is also very easy to store value.

Next, we will introduce you how to apply for an account and store value for “PayPay”.


First of all, you have to download a “PayPay” app.

iOS version:Apple Store

Android version:Google Play

Apply for a “PayPay” account

Applying for a “PayPay” account is very easy and only requires you to have a Japanese cell phone number.

*PayPay is only available in Japan, so a Japanese cell phone number is required for authentication.

First download a PayPay APP, you can download it through the previous link, or you can read the qr code above to download it directly.

  1. Launch the app and enter your phone number and password.
  2. Paypay will send a verification code via SMS.
  3. Fill in the 4-digit verification code received.
  4. Complete the account application.

It is super simple!

How to charge into Japan Mobile Payment PayPay

Charge PayPay balance

When paying with PayPay, if you do not have your credit card information registered, you will need to store value in advance.

how to store value in PayPay
Register your bank account to store value Currently, over 760 banks in Japan are supported. You need to authenticate yourself beforehand, and you can save money on your paypay balance from your bank account balance.
Use cash at convenience store ATMs to store value You can deposit cash directly into your paypay balance through ATMs at 711 convenience stores or Rosen convenience stores, for those who do not have a tied bank account.
Register your bank account to store value

You need to prepare bank passbook/bank card/ temporary password etc. in advance.

  1. Select “すべて(All)” on the main page of PayPay APP.
  2. Select “銀行口座登録 (bank account registration)” (If you do not have personal verification, you will be verified next.)
  3. Select the bank you want to register with.
  4. Enter the branch name, bank account number, and bank account holder.
  5. Confirm your entries again and select “登録手続きをする(Registration procedure)”.
  6. Go to each bank’s page and perform the registration process.
  7. End of bank account registration procedure


Charge at 711 and Lawson convenience stores

If you are new to Japan and do not have a Japanese bank account or credit card, or have not authenticated yourself, then you can also store money in PayPay at convenience store ATMs.

Currently, you can do so at 711 and Lawson convenience stores.

  1. Select “スマートフォンでの取引(Smartphone transaction)” at the ATM of convenience stores
  2. Select “チャージ (Charge)” in PayPay APP
  3. Select “ATMチャージ (ATM Charge)”
  4. Read the QR code displayed on the ATM by your cell phone
  5. Enter the number shown on PayPay APP into ATM
  6. Put the stored value into the ATM
  7. Confirm the amount of stored value and select “確認(Confirm)”
  8. Complete charging

*If the PayPay balance does not change after the value is stored, you can click the update button to update it.

At present, you can deposit 500,000 yen at one time through ATMs at convenience stores. However, the ATM will not give you change when you make a deposit at a convenience store ATM.

Direct payment by registered credit card, no charging required

You can also choose to register your credit card directly with PayPay, the operation is very easy and takes as fast as 10 seconds to complete.

  1. Select “すべて(全部)” on the main page of PayPay APP
  2. Select “カード追加(Card Add)”.
  3. Use the cell phone camera to read the credit card, or select “カード番号を直接入力する(Directly enter the card number)” and manually enter the credit card number.
  4. After filling in/checking the credit card information, select “追加する (add)”.

Credit card registration is completed.

However, PayPay can only register VISA and Mastercard credit cards. If you have a credit card issued outside of Japan, you may not be able to register it.

If you want to use your credit card through PayPay, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Only PayPay’s own PayPay card (including the old Yahoo! JAPAN Card) can store value on PayPay’s balance, no other credit cards can.
  • When you pay by credit card through PayPay, you can’t enjoy PayPay’s various promotions and specials.
  • You cannot pay more than 5001 yen every 30 days if you do not authenticate yourself.

Payment method of Japan mobile payment paypay

How do I pay with PayPay after I have completed the balance/ credit card registration?

There are two ways to use PayPay in general.

Store staff reads the barcode

One way is to let the store staff read the barcode.

  1. Select “支払う(Payment)” on the main page of PayPay APP
  2. Show the screen to the staff, and the staff will read the cell phone barcode.
  3. End of payment

This payment method is generally more common in convenience stores and supermarkets.


Read store QR codes

The other way is to read the store’s unique QR code and pay for it. This method of payment is more commonly used in restaurants, some supermarkets and most private stores.

  1. Select “スキャン(Scan)” on the main page of PayPay APP
  2. Read the unique QR code placed in the store
  3. Enter the payment amount and select “次へ(Next)”.
  4. Show the screen to the store staff and select “支払う(Pay)”.
  5. End of payment


Offline Payment Feature of PayPay

In areas with unstable signals, such as underground locations or crowded festival and event venues where network connections might be unreliable, PayPay’s offline payment feature comes to the rescue. This functionality allows users to make purchases and payments without the need for an internet connection. Particularly useful during large-scale communication disruptions, it serves as an emergency solution for essential purchases.

When PayPay users experience a delay of more than 3 seconds in displaying the payment code during a transaction, the system automatically switches to offline payment mode. In this mode, users can choose to make payments using either “PayPay残高(PayPay Balance)” or “(PayPayあと払い)PayPay Deferred Payment” options.


Enjoy cashless shopping in Japan with PayPay!

PayPay is now the most widely used mobile/electronic payment in Japan, and more and more people in Japan are paying through PayPay APP on their cell phones instead of carrying heavy wallets and credit cards that are easily lost.

For example, in June 2022, there will be a special offer to return a percentage of your payment amount for Kao Corporation products.

If you are currently living in Japan, or if you are going to study or work in Japan in the future, download a PayPay APP to experience the most popular cashless mobile payment/electronic payment!


*All images in this article are fromPayPay Official Website

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