Discover Japan’s Silver Week: An Autumn Getaway

In Japan, the end of April and early May bring the much-anticipated Golden Week, a string of holidays offering more than five consecutive days off. But did you know that Japan also celebrates a significant holiday in September called Silver Week? This autumn holiday, while less frequent, provides a perfect opportunity for a relaxing break and cultural exploration.

Silver Week in Japan

What is Silver Week?

Silver Week in Japan is a unique autumn holiday that offers a series of consecutive days off, typically around the third week of September. It’s a cherished time for Japanese people to enjoy a break from work and engage in cultural and recreational activities.

Wiki: Silver Week

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History of Silver Week

The term “Silver Week” originally referred to a break in November centered around Culture Day. Movie companies in the 1950s coined the term to promote holiday films, paralleling the already popular Golden Week in May. Over time, Silver Week shifted to September, aligning with Japan’s respect for the elderly and the autumnal equinox.

Why is it Called Silver Week?

The name “Silver Week” signifies a shorter but equally valuable holiday compared to Golden Week. With the introduction of the “Happy Monday” policy in 2000, the third Monday in September became Respect for the Aged Day. This often creates a three-day weekend, which can extend to a longer holiday if it coincides with the autumnal equinox.

For Golden Week: What Is Japan’s Golden Week Holiday?

Happy MondayThis system in Japan shifts certain public holidays to Monday, creating extended weekends for people to enjoy.

When Does Silver Week Happen?

Silver Week doesn’t occur every year. For it to be officially recognized, there must be at least five consecutive days off, typically due to the alignment of Respect for the Aged Day and the autumnal equinox. This rare alignment happened in 2009 and 2015, and the next Silver Week is expected in 2026.

Silver Week Calendar

Recent Silver Week

In 2022, Respect for the Aged Day fell on Monday, September 19, and the autumnal equinox was on Friday, September 23. This resulted in two sets of three-day weekends but didn’t qualify as a full Silver Week. However, with a bit of planning, one could enjoy a nine-day vacation by taking three days off between these weekends.

2022 Calendar for Silver Week

When is the Next Silver Week?

If you’re looking forward to experiencing Silver Week, mark your calendar for 2026. After that, the next occurrence is projected for 2032, offering plenty of time to plan your ultimate autumn getaway in Japan.

2026 Calendar for Silver Week

So, if you’re considering a trip to Japan, plan ahead to make the most of these extended holidays and explore the rich cultural experiences that Silver Week has to offer.

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