The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) You Should Know Before Renting An Unlimited WiFi

Maybe you have ever encountered this situation. Before you travel abroad, you buy a SIM card or renting mobile WiFi in advance to access the internet. To ensure that you will not lack of data, you have even chosen an unlimited plan. But when you go abroad, you suddenly find that the Internet speed becomes very, very slow sometimes.

Then a question comes to you: Isn’t the plan unlimited? Why is my speed is still limited?

Here’s the answer for you.

Fair Usage Policy

In fact, it’s not the amount of data that’s limited, it’s the speed. Violations of a rule called the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) can result in speed limits.

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So what is the FUP?

First of all, we need to know that when we are using the Internet, many people are also using the Internet at the same time, and some of them are even using the same line provided by the same Internet operator like us.

Maybe we can take an example for better understood.

Suppose that you are using a treadmill with someone else. When both of you are in a normal posture, running at a similar speed, you can enjoy your exercise very much. However, if your companion starts running with his arms and legs outstretched in a strange way, occupying most of the treadmill, then you can only use very few machines, or even there is no place left for you.

The network is also the same. If someone consumes a lot of network data in a short period of time, it is likely to affect the feeling of others using the network: the speed will be low down, and it may be hard for others to use the internet smoothly. In order to avoid this unfair phenomenon, many countries limit the speed of users who consume abnormal traffic in a short period of time to slow down their consumption of traffic and protect the smooth network use of others.

Such a restriction is called the Fair Usage Policy, or FUP.

Please note that even though the SIM card or WiFi device is ordered in countries where there is not such a policy, it can be also subject to the FUP.

What will cause the speed limit?

Our associate Pocket WiFi rental company, CDJapan Rental, has received many similar inquiries here, such as:

“I need to update my phone system today, will I get a speed limit?”

“I’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube in the past two days, will I get a speed limit?”

“Why did the speed limit start today when there was no speed limit two days ago?”

“Why is there a speed limit?”

Actually, there is no clear rule that how much data that was used will lead to a speed limit.

The Fair Usage Policy is to protect the rights of users who are using the network normally, and only to limit the internet speed of users who used so much data that may prevent others from normal using. If there are not many users currently using the network, then heavy traffic will not cause disturbances to other users, such as late at night and early in the morning, you can download as much as you want within the total traffic allowed. But such as holidays, evenings, and other peak periods, downloading large files or watching high-definition video, is likely to be judged as “impact on others using the network” and be limited.

How to avoid the speed limit?

To avoid being speed-limited, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Avoid using a lot of data during peak hours
  • Turn off the automatic update of apps
  • Turn off automatic cloud syncing of albums, mailboxes, etc.
  • Turn off the automatic video playback function of social apps
  • Use free WiFi where it is available.

Some rental WiFis clearly state that if you use more than a certain amount of data within a limited period of time, the speed will be limited. Be careful not to exceed the limit when using it continuously.

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CDJapan Rental has a great deal on pocket wifi, with a range of flexible plans starting at ¥187/day.
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