Check Coin Lockers Availability Online in Real Time

Many travelers may encounter a situation where they want to leave the heavy luggage in train stations. Sometimes this can be frustrating since it takes time to find one and thus makes you tired.

I remember that my friend and I arrived at Namba Station in Osaka early in the morning by night bus and tried for nearly half an hour to find an available large coin locker for our big size suitcases. It was very tiring.

Then I found this website where you can check the availability of coin lockers in real time. This website is available in English and you can check for details like availability of large lockers for large suitcases. Although this function is only available for several main stations so far as below, we hope this may be useful for you.

How to check coin lockers availability?

1. First, click the link of the station for which you would like to check.

・Shinagawa Station
・Shinjuku Station
・Ikebukuro Station
・Tokyo Station
・Tokyo Station Ichibangai

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The online availability retrieval service for coin lockers at the mentioned locations has been terminated(2023/11/06). Currently, you can only check coin lockers availability online for the following two locations.

・Maihama Station
・Hankyu Umeda Station

2. You can find round icons on the map which stand for the availability for each coin locker.
Green icon: enough lockers available
Orange icon: only a few lockers available
Red icon: no locker available

3. You can click each icon to see the number of available coin lockers of each size.
大: large size
中: middle size
小: small size


1. Not all the coin lockers in Japan are 24 hours and some may close on 11pm or earlier.
2. The price written on a coin locker usually means the price for one-day storage or even several hours. Extra charges is sometimes needed for late taking out.
3. For most coin locker, you can store your luggage for maximum 3 days. If the luggage is left in the locker without being collected after 3 days, it will be taken out and kept by the management company of the locker.
4. Please do read the instruction on the coin locker carefully in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

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