Japan Ghibli Park Opening in November! New Concept Drawings and Interior Scenes Released!

Do you like Ghibli? Have you ever wandered into the animation produced by Studio Ghibli? Have you ever been to the Mitaka-no-mori Ghibli Museum in Mitaka City, Tokyo? From November 2022, Ghibli fans around the world will have a new sacred place to visit, in addition to the Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum.

It was originally the Universal Exposition site “Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park)” in Nagakutte City, but in 2019 the Aichi Prefectural Government and Studio Ghibli reached a cooperation agreement to turn the park into Ghibli Park. After three years of construction, it will finally be opened. Here, you will be able to experience the world view of Ghibli’s animation, witness the scenes of Ghibli’s animation in front of your eyes, and immerse yourself in the reality of Ghibli’s animation.

©Studio Ghibli

Recently the official release of the new concept map and information about the major blocks, let’s take a look!

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About Ghibli Park

“Ghibli Park” presents the world view of Studio Ghibli’s works. Ghibli Park is expected to be divided into five major areas, namely “Hill of Youth(青春の丘)”, “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse(ジブリの大倉庫)”, “Dondoko Forest(どんどこ森)”, “Mononoke Village(もののけの里)” and “Valley of Witches(魔女の谷)”. Scenes from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animations such as “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Whisper of the Heart”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Princess Mononoke” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service” will be restored here.

©Studio Ghibli


Ghibli Park is a park that represents the world of Studio Ghibli.
With close consultation with the surrounding forest,
it is being built on and within the grounds of Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park).
There are no big attractions or rides in Ghibli Park.
Take a stroll, feel the wind, and discover the wonders.

(From Ghibli Park Official Website

The first phase will open three areas: 「Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse」、「Hill of Youth」、「Dondoko Forest」.

Introduction to the Ghibli Park area

First of all, let’s list out what childhood memories are contained in each theme area.

Area Ghibli Animes
「Hill of Youth」 『Whisper of the Heart(耳をすませば)』
『The Cat Returns(猫の恩返し)』
「Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse」 『Castle in the Sky(天空の城ラピュタ)』
『My Neighbor Totoro(となりのトトロ)』
『Spirited Away(千と千尋の神隠し)』
「Dondoko Forest」 『My Neighbor Totoro(となりのトトロ)』
「Mononoke Village」 『Princess Mononoke(もののけ姫)』
「Valley of Witches」 『Howl’s Moving Castle(ハウルの動く城)』
『Kiki’s Delivery Service(魔女の宅急便)』
『Earwig and the Witch(アーヤと魔女)』

Opening on November 1, 2022

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse(ジブリの大倉庫)

The Great Ghibli Warehouse

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse(ジブリの大倉庫)
Click on the link above to go to the Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse page on the Ghibli Park website.
©Studio Ghibli

「The Great Ghibli Warehouse」It occupies an area of about 9,600㎡, about the size of three Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museums.

There are about 170 seats in the “Cinema Orion”, the “Adventure Flight” store, the “Continental Crossing” café, and other facilities.

The world of 『Castle in the Sky(天空の城ラピュタ)』『My Neighbor Totoro(となりのトトロ)』『Spirited Away(千と千尋の神隠し)』『Arrietty(借りぐらしのアリエッティ)』 and other animations are shown here.

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Area Map
©Studio Ghibli

Home under the floor in Arrietty
©Studio Ghibli

『Castle in the Sky(天空の城ラピュタ)』
©Studio Ghibli

Yubaba in Spirited Away
©Studio Ghibli

No-Face in Spirited Away
©Studio Ghibli

Central Street of Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse
©Studio Ghibli


Hill of Youth(青春の丘)


Hill of Youth(青春の丘)
©Studio Ghibli

Hill of Youth Area Map
©Studio Ghibli

Earth House in Whisper of the Heart
©Studio Ghibli

The elevator tower in “Castle in the Sky”, which is also part of the entrance to Ghibli Park
©Studio Ghibli

Keigyoku Bus Hills of Youth Station, next stop is Cat Country
©Studio Ghibli

The cat office that appeared in The Cat Returns
©Studio Ghibli


Dondoko Forest(どんどこ森)


Satsuki and Mei’s House in My Neighbor Totoro
©Studio Ghibli

Dondoko Forest Area Map
©Studio Ghibli

In Dondoko Forest, “Dondoko-do” awaits you at the top of the forest hill that sits behind Satsuki and Mei’s House. Only children can enter.

©Studio Ghibli

©Studio Ghibli

©Studio Ghibli

©Studio Ghibli

©Studio Ghibli


The 「Mononoke Village」 is expected to open in the fall of 2023, while the 「Valley of Witches」 is expected to open in the year 2023.

Mononoke Village(もののけの里)

Mononoke Village
©Studio Ghibli

Mononoke Village Area Map
©Studio Ghibli

Mononoke Village

Animated scenes of 『Princess Mononoke(もののけ姫)』will be recreated in Mononoke Village
©Studio Ghibli

Valley of Witches(魔女の谷)

Howl’s Moving Castle
©Studio Ghibli

Valley of Witches Area Map
©Studio Ghibli

Valley of Witches

Animated scenes of 『Howl’s Moving Castle(ハウルの動く城)』and『Kiki’s Delivery Service(魔女の宅急便)』will be recreated in Valley of Witches.
©Studio Ghibli

Access to Ghibli Park


©Studio Ghibli


The nearest station to Ghibli Park is the Aichi Rapid Transit Tobu Kyuryo Line (LINIMO for short) “Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ai Earth Expo Memorial Park)” station.

  • Route ①
    Take JR/Shinkansen to Nagoya Station and transfer to the Higashiyama Subway Line, then transfer to LINIMO at Fujigaoka Station and get off at Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen Station.
  • Route ②
    Take the Aichi Loop Railroad to Yakusa Station and transfer to LINOMO and get off at Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen Station.


Buses to and from Ghibli Park from Nagoya Station are as follows.

Meitetsu Bus Center(Nagoya Station) → Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park)

  • 5 buses on weekdays (3 of them are Ghibli Park direct)
  • 6 buses on weekends and holidays (all of them are Ghibli Park direct)

Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park) → Meitetsu Bus Center(Nagoya Station)

  • 4 buses on weekdays (2 of them are Ghibli Park direct)
  • 6 buses on weekends and holidays (all of them are Ghibli Park direct)

There is also a direct bus service from Chubu International Airport to Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park).

Bus Ticket

Meitetsu Bus Center(Nagoya Station) → Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park)

Adult one-way fare: 1,000 yen (Child: 500 yen)

Chubu International Airport → Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park)

Adult one-way fare: 2,000 yen (Child: 1,000 yen)

Time Cost

「Meitetsu Bus Center(Nagoya Station) → Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park)」 40min(Direct)

「Chubu International Airport → Aichikyūhaku-kinen-kōen(Ghibli Park)」 77~85min


If it is a closed day at Ghibli Park, there is no direct bus service to Ghibli Park, and the transfer route will not be extended.

You can check the Bus Schedule from HERE.

※There is no dedicated parking lot in Ghibli Park.

Ghibli Park Details

©Studio Ghibli

Estimated Opening:

  • 「Hill of Youth」、「Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse」and「DONDOKO Forest」:2022年11月1日
  • 「Mononoke Village」:Autumn 2023
  • 「Valley of Witches」:Within FY2023


  • Located within Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park)
  • 1533-1 Ibaragabasama, Nagakute, Aichi

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays 10:00~17:00
  • Weekends & Holidays 9:00~17:00(Weekdays 9:00~17:00 when it is in the school long holiday)

Closed Days:

  • Every Tuesday (Tuesday is closed when the school principal is on vacation), the end of the year and the beginning of the year, and the day of campus renovation

Ticket Price:

  • The Great Ghibli Warehouse: 2,000yen for adults and 1,000yen for children (4 years old to elementary school students) on weekdays and 2,500yen for adults and 1,250yen for children (4 years old to elementary school students) on weekends and holidays
  • The Hills of Youth:1,000yen for adults and 500yen for children (4 years old to elementary school students)
  • DONDOKO Forest:1,000yen for adults and 500yen for children (4 years old to elementary school students)

Ticketing Website:

According to the official Twitter account of Ghibli Park(picture from Ghibli Park Official Twitter), tickets are available on the 10th of each month. December tickets are available by lottery from September 10 to 21, and November tickets are available by lot from August 10 to 22.

The most recent sale date is October 10 for the first-come, first-served sale of December tickets (closed) and the lottery sale of January 2023 tickets (applications closed October 21). Click on the two links above to view them.

All pictures are from Ghibli Park Official WebsiteStudio Ghibli Official WebsiteGhibli Park Official Twitter and news report.

©Studio Ghibli

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