CDJapan Rental‘s New Subscription Plan: Welcome back to Japan!

Many of you who were unable to return to Japan due to the coronavirus pneumonia outbreak must have recently made the journey back to Japan. As various types of long-term visa holders have been allowed to enter the country, there have been new arrivals of international students and community members. If you are worried about being unable to connect to internet when you arrive in Japan, or are reluctant to replace your old cell phone, then we highly recommend that you consider renting a mobile WiFi or SIM card. CDJapan Rental recently launched a monthly WiFi rental plan(subscription plan) that allows you to enjoy better internet service at a lower price. What is the model of this package? What are the prices like?


CDJapan Rental’s Wi-Fi Subscription Plan


The plan is designed for foreigners’ needs, and has a minimum contract period of one month, with three different types of contract periods: one month, three months, and six months.

The longer the contract period, the lower the price.

CDJapan Rental has a great deal on pocket wifi, with a range of flexible plans starting at ¥187/day. Japan Pocket Wifi Rental

It is a pay-in-advance plan. You only have to pay for the next month’s installment each month while you’re using th WiFi, and return it by 23:59 on the expiration date of your contract. If you want to extend the rental period, you can do that too!

If you use the service for one month on a trial basis, and then you like it, you can use the three months, and the price of the three-month plan will be applied and the price will become cheaper as the period of use increases.

If you sign up for a six-month commitment from the beginning, the lowest price rate will be applied from the beginning.


The plan is characterized by unlimited, high speed, and no long term binding contract.

This plan is suitable for those who have short-term internet needs, but also for those who want to rent for a longer period of time.

But unlike previous rental plans, this one is a “monthly subscription” plan, which means that you need to set a contract period at the beginning and then pay monthly after that.


Price of Two New Plans


There are two types of WiFi devices: the Cloud Air, which can receive the signals of the three major domestic telecom companies, suitable for areas outside of urban areas. And SOFTBANK, which has fast speeds and higher data limits.

We are currently running a campaign, so you can save over 40% off the original price, which is a great deal.

Cloud Air

Data Allotment 150GB/Month
Network Access strongest of 3 carriers depending on area coverage
Contract Period From 30 Days(this plan)
*Short Term Plans From 5 Days Available
Extension Extend Anytime After Your Rental Begins

*When data usage exceeds 150GB in a given 30 day period, transmission speeds will be limited.
Minimum Speed: 256Kbps

The fees below are monthly fees and are not in total.



Data Allotment Unlimited
Network Softbank
Contract Period From 30 Days(this plan)
*Short Term Plans From 5 Days Available
Extension Extend Anytime After Your Rental Begins

* When usage exceeds 20GB over a 3 day period, drops in network speed may occur.
Minimum Speed: 1Mbps

The fees below are monthly fees and are not in total.


What are the benefits of subscription plans?

There are many benefits to choosing this new monthly rental package from CDJapan Rental.

  1. No deposit
  2. Unlimited WiFi, Connect Across Japan
  3. No Binding Contract
  4. Buy extensions online anytime you like.
  5. Mailing to schools, airports, hotels
  6. No Set Up Required, Easy Pick Up and Return
  7. Very high cost performance
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