In the Japanese language, the fireworks in Chinese character is written: “花火”(Hanabi), which means flower fire. Fireworks festivals have a very long history and are known as one of the seasonal traditions in summer in Japan. Many people dress in Yukata (a casual summer kimono) and food are sold in Yatai (food stand) along the street near the location of the fireworks festivals.

Usually, you can watch the fireworks for free but for some festivals, tickets for seats with a better view are sold. Special packages to view the fireworks from Yakatabune(houseboat) on the river is one of them.

It will be very crowded on the day of the fireworks festivals around the location. Especially if you are with small children, you may want to leave earlier before the show ends or just wait for a while after it ends to avoid the crowded streets and trains. We will introduce three big fireworks festivals coming up in Tokyo, where more than 10,000 fireworks will be shot off.

・Edogawa-ku Fireworks Festival(江戸川区花火大会)

Date and Time
August 6th, Saturday
7:15pm – 8:30pm
(In case of rain, to be postponed to August 7th.)

Shinozaki Park
1-25, Kamishinozaki, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0054
(江戸川区上篠崎1-25 133-0054)

Number of fireworks to be launched
Around 14,000

Koiwa Station on JR, 25-minute walk from South Exit
Shinozaki Station on Subway lines, 15-minute walk
Edogawa Station on Keisei lines, 25-minute walk
Mizue Station on Subway lines, 45-minute walk

Official Website (Japanese Only)


・Sumida River Fireworks Festival(隅田川花火大会)

Date and Time
July 30th, Saturday
7:05pm – 8:30pm
(In case of bad weather, the Festival will be cancelled.)

Sumida River (at two sites)

Number of fireworks to be launched
Around 20,000

・First site
Asakusa Station on Subway and Tobu Lines
Tokyo Sky Tree Station on Tobu Lines
Hikifune Station on Tobu Lines
・Second site
Asakusa Station on Subway and Tobu Lines
Kuramae Station on Subway
Ryougoku Station on JR and Subway
Asakusabashi Station JR and Subway

Official Website (Japanese Only)

First site

Second site


・Meijijingu-gaien Fireworks Festival(神宮外苑花火大会)

Date and Time
August 20th, Saturday
7:30pm – 8:30pm
(In case of bad weather, to be postponed to August 21th.)

1-1, Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013
(東京都新宿区霞ヶ丘町1-1 160-0013)

Number of fireworks to be launched
Around 12,000

Sendagaya Station on JR
Shinanomachi Station on JR
Yoyogi Station on JR
Gaiemmae Station on Subway
Aoyama-itchoume Station on Subway
Kokuritsu-Kyougijou Station on Subway

Official Website (Japanese Only)