Here is a good news for those who are planning to travel around Japan by a rental car.
Six expressway public corporations and local road public corporation of Japan launched a pass called “Japan Expressway Pass” for foreign visitors. This pass allows unlimited use of Japan expressways through the ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) system at a flat rate.
An ETC card should be rental together with the car at car-rental dealers. By using ETC system, you do not need to stop at toll booths so no worries of speaking Japanese.
Sales Period
Starting from October 13th, 2017
Price(consecutive days)
7 days: 20,000 JPY(2857 JPY per day)
14 days: 34,000 JPY(2429 JPY per day)
This pass is for foreign visitors only. For some certain expressways such as those in Hokkaido, Japan Expressway Pass is not usable. You can check more details on the site below.
Japan Expressway Pass: