New Year Sales in Tokyo, 2016!

The first sale of a New Year is called Hatsu uri, and it usually means New Year Sales! Most stores will mark down the prices by 20-50%.

It will be very crowded on the first day for sure. It’s common that people line up in front of the stores before their opening. There will be lines in front of the fitting rooms and the cashiers, too.

Many people line up before the store opens to get one of the Fukubukuro (lucky bags) from their favorite shops. Fukubukuro is a sealed bag of goodies, which you cannot open until you buy. It contains items worth much more, sometimes few times more, than the actual price. Fukubukuro from popular shops and brands go sold out very quickly.

If you don’t like shopping in a crowded shop, the first day of the sale is not a good day for you. But if you want to buy a particular item or try one of fukubukuros, you better go early on the first day. Here is a list of popular shopping malls and department stores in Tokyo and the date of their first sale in 2016.

Major Shopping Centers and Department Stores’ First Day of New Year(Winter) Sale!
Shop Date and Time
Shibuya 109 Jan 1, 10:00am
Roppoingi Hills Jan 1, 11:00am
Omotesando Hills Jan 1, 11:00am
Laforet Jan 21, 9:00am
Parco Jan 1
(Opening time depends on the store. Shibuya 11:00am)
Lumine Jan 6, 11:00am
Marui Jan 2, 10:00am
Isetan Department Store Shinjuku Jan 13, 10:00am
Mitsukoshi Department Store Jan 13, 10:00am
Takashimaya Department Store Jan 2, 10:00am
Takashimaya Department Store Jan 2, 10:00am
Matsuya Department Store Jan 2, 9:30am
(Asakusa branch Jan 1, 11:00am)
Seibu Department Store Jan 1, 10:00am
Tokyu Department Store Jan 2, 10:00am
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