LUMINE, the popular shopping center has fixed new tax refund counters in five locations in Tokyo and Yokohama to offer easier shopping experience for their increasing foreign customers. The tax refund counter has opened earlier this week on May 11 at LUMINE EST Shinjuku, LUMINE Shinjuku, LUMINE Ikebukuro, LUMINE Yurakucho, and LUMINE Yokohama. Clerks who speak Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean are at the counter to handle the tax exemption procedure.

Now the foreign tourists shopping at LUMINE in the listed locations can go to the tax refund counter after all the shopping in LUMINE is done to complete the tax exemption procedure in one place. They no longer have to do the procedure at each store, which will save their time and effort. Another benefit this service offers is that the shoppers can combine receipts from different stores to sum up the total amount for consumable and non-consumable products. So even when the total amount spent in one shop is below the amount eligible for tax-free shopping, as long as the total amount spent in LUMINE as a whole is above the amount, tax exemption is available.

The tax exemption amount is the consumption tax amount, which is 8%.


Eligibility Requirement

Consumable goods: cosmetics, foods, drinks, and etc.
The total pre-tax spending must be over 5,000 yen.

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General goods: clothes, accessories, electric appliances, and etc.
The total pre-tax spending must be over 10,000 yen.


LUMINE (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)