Spider lilies in Japanese is “彼岸花” (Higanbana) or “曼珠沙華” (Manjushage). There are many saying about how to interpret the name. One of the most commonly known sayings is that as “彼岸” (Higan) means spring equinox or autumnal equinox and the flower of spider lilies blossom during autumnal equinox, it is named the flower of “彼岸” (Higan) which is “彼岸花” (Higanbana).

From the middle of September to the end of September, about five million spider lilies blossom in Kinchakuda Park in Saitama. You may see them in small clusters in Tokyo when it comes to the season, but only in Kinchakuda can you see red spider lilies blossom together like an ocean! Yes, a spider lilies’ ocean! There are also rare white spider lilies blossom singly among the red ones but you may take some efforts to find them. Cosmos flowers also blossom in this season and you can enjoy a harmony view of blooming spider lilies and cosmos flowers together.

Hidaka Kinchakuda Spider Lily Festival


September 17 – October 2, 2016


300 yen
(free for children of middle school age or younger)


Kinchakuda Spider Lily Park


Koma Station on Seibu Ikebukuro Line, 15-minute walk

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