Ahamo New Plan: 100GB of Traffic and 5 Minutes of Free Calls. Available from Mid-June

ahamo will offer a full 100GB of large traffic package starting in mid-June 2022, and the package still includes the first 5 minutes of calls free with the 20GB traffic package. If you use up a lot of mobile traffic every month, you may want to consider ahamo’s new package.


This service allows users to add 80GB of data capacity for 1,980 yen per month to the base plan, “ahamo”, which is 20GB for 2,970 yen per month, as a “large-size option” .

If you need to get ahamo’s 100GB high-capacity package, you need to first open the basic package of 20GB per month, and the monthly payment is 2,970 yen.
After that, you can choose to add 80GB of data capacity to meet the 100GB usage. 80GB of traffic will cost you an additional 1,980 yen per month.
The total price is 4,950 yen.

Benefits of ahamo high-capacity packages

Cell phone can be used as a wireless base station

With this option, there is no limit to tethering. With the large-capacity and unlimited plans of major carriers, the amount of data space available for tethering is sometimes limited. ahamo high-capacity packages has no limit, so you can freely use tethering within the range of 100GB/month.

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Can use only one month

Compared to other cell phone packages that may have a minimum usage period, ahamo’s large capacity package can be opened and closed freely. If you have a large demand for traffic this month, you can activate the ahamo high-capacity plan for this month only and cancel it in this month, and it will not affect the next month’s usage (but please note that the next month’s plan is still the ahamo 20GB basic plan).

For longer trips, business trips, and moving house, it can be used as an emergency solution when there is no light back line.

The shortcomings of ahamo high-capacity package

Not available for overseas roaming of traffic

The additional 80GB of traffic in ahamo’s large capacity package can only be used in Japan. If you need to leave Japan, then only 20GB of the basic package can be used outside of Japan.

Compare with Rakuten MOBILE

The following results were obtained by comparing the ahamo large-capacity package with Rakuten Mobiles.

ahamo large-capacity package Rakuten MOBILE
DATA 100GB Unlimited
free phone calls(limited) free in 5 minutes Free package for 10 minutes or less per call for 1,100 yen per month
free phone calls(unlimited) Free package for 1,100 yen per month Free phone calls using dedicated app (number restrictions apply)
Fee per month 4,950 yen 3,278 yen

The unlimited data of Rakuten MOBILE can only be used in the areas supported by Rakuten MOBILE. Outside of Rakuten MOBILE supported areas, you can only use up to 5GB per month. in addition, in some places, Rakuten MOBILE communication may not be stable enough.
This is because the platinum ring cannot be used.
AHAMO uses DOCOMO’s network, so the communication quality is very stable.
If you value both the price of the package and the ease of use and communication quality, AHAMO is recommended.
If you live in an area supported by Rakuten Mobiles, Rakuten Mobiles is also a good choice.

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