During `Japanese Traditional Fans Exhibition and Sale` at `Asa no Ha` store in Azabujuban / Roppongi, Tokyo, you can find also traditional round fans (in Japanese `Uchiwa`) made by craftspeople in Kagawa Prefecture.


This traditional Uchiwa is called `Marugame Uchiwa`, officially designated as National Traditional Craft.


Making Marugame Uchiwa requires 47 steps. Every step is manual and requires so much technique.


Uchiwa`s base is made from natural bamboo.

First, craftsperson cuts off the bamboo nots and makes incisions equally spaced.


Shaping each line is done with small knife to make beautiful round of Uchiwa.


Twisting thread with bamboo base and forming round shape.


Paper or textile is attached to bamboo base with paste. Craftsperson adjusts thickness of paste to make the best match of material and bamboo.


Marugame Uchiwa is made in Marugame area of Kagawa Prefecture, though, you`ll be able to see and purchase it also in Tokyo!

Here are some of them at Asa no Ha store.


Marugame Uchiwa with Tenugui (hand dyed cotton textile). Great collaboration of two traditional crafts.


Various designs of Tenugui Uchiwa. (From right) Wave Crest, Goldfish, Kabuki.



If you would like closely look at this amazing technique, please visit the event!


(Making Uchiwa process photos offered by Port Museum of fan)



Japanese Traditional Fans Exhibition and Sale




Until End of August



Event Space in Azabujuban Asa no Ha


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