Shimokitazawa is known as the source of subculture in Tokyo. There are many furugiya (vintage or second-hand clothes) shops, live house, records shop and small theaters located in Shimokitazawa. However, it is known mainly to local people that Shimikitazawa area is a curry mecca. Festival for curry lovers is held in October every year and is known as Shimokitazawa Curry Festival.

This year is the 5th anniversary of Shimokitazawa Curry Festival and the theme for Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2016 is fragrance.

In order to have more people participate in this event, curry in mini size and take-out is also available and this makes it possible that you can taste several kinds of curry without being too full.

You can refer to a curry map(in English) distributed near Shimokitazawa station, and get yourself around to have a taste of the curry you are interested in and then decide your favorite curry. There are not only Japanese curry but also Indian curry and many other kinds of curry, such as curry with fresh vegetable for vegetarians. Also, curry at this event doesn’t have to be curry rice. Curry bread, curry takoyaki, curry noodle, curry soup, curry fried potato, curry hot dog, curry lasagna, curry karaage(Japanese fried chicken), curry spaghetti, curry tofu, fish and chips curry, curry pizza, curry cocktail, curry dumplings, curry chicken and so on!

At this event, you can also participate in a stamp rally(stamp collection) event. To join this stamp rally you need to pay 300 yen at the information center(“案内所”, annaijo) at Shimokitazawa and install a smartphone application called “I LOVE下北沢アプリ”. Once you eat the curry at any shop, you can get one stamp. According to the number of stamps you collect, you can exchange for some wonderful original curry goods!

Shimokitazawa Station
 Information Center 案内所
Curry! Curry! Curry!
 Curry Goods
 Curry Goods T-shirts



October 7 – October 16, 2016
(Open times are different by shops)


No entrance fee
(Curry are sold in shops)

Number of shops participating

133 shops


The area around Shimokitazawa Station


Shimokitazawa Station on Odakyu Line (8 minutes from Shinjuku Station on Odakyu Line express train)
Shimokitazawa Station on Keio Inokashira Line (4 minutes from Shibuya Station on Keio Inokashira Line express train)
Shimokita-ekimae Bus Stop (13 minutes from Sangenjaya Bus Stop)

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