In order to provide a better user experience, Tokyo Metro launched a new type of ticket vending machine for the subway which provides guidance in English, Chinese and Korean. The user interface and operation system are renewed so visitors can buy the ticket without the necessity of checking the ticket fare in advance.

For this new ticket vending machine,
1. 20-inch high-vision display screen (15-inch screen so far)
2. Three ways to purchase the ticket:
・Search by Station Names:
search of the destinations by inputting the station name (with predictive function)

・Search by Subway Lines:
A route map covering all the stations from Tokyo Metro Lines and Toei Subway lines is available and visitors can search by choosing any station on the map.

・Search by Sightseeing Spots:
Visitors can choose destinations from popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo such as Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree. The route to the destination station as well as the way from the destination station to the sightseeing spot will be displayed.

Languages available
English, Korean, Chinese(Simplified), Japanese

Tickets available
・Tickets for Tokyo Metro Lines
・Connection tickets between Tokyo Metro Lines and Toei Subway Lines
・Discount tickets (Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket, one-day pass for Tokyo Metro Lines and Toei Subway Lines)
・IC card charge

The new ticket vendor machines are now available in main stations such as Ueno Station and Akihabara station and are scheduled to cover more stations.