ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY Co., Ltd. will issue a new pass for foreign tourists called “Hakone Kamakura Pass” on December 1, 2017.

“Hakone Kamakura Pass” will enable tourists to visit Hakone and Kamakura, the two popular areas easily accessible from the central Tokyo, for a discounted price.

“Hakone Kamakura Pass” is an upgraded version of the two passes that are currently available; “Hakone Freepass” and “Enoshima Kamakura Freepass”. The new “Hakone Kamakura Pass” will also include unlimited rides on all Odakyu line as well as special discount coupons for some restaurants and museums in Hakone, Enoshima, and Kamakura area.

Visiting Hakone and Kamakura will offer some opportunities for the visitors to see different aspects of Japan. Hakone is one of the most famous mountain resort towns with great hot springs. In the autumn, Hakone is a popular area to view the beutiful autume leaves. Kamakura/Enoshima area, on the other hand, is a beach town with the famous Great Buddha statue and many historic temples and shrines. Both areas are fun destinations for any group of travellers such as couples, families, and freinds.



Where to buy

Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku


Adult 6,500JPY
Child 2,250JPY

Valid period

3 days


– Unlimited rides on all Odakyu Line (*An additional limited express ticket is required for rides on the Limited Express “Romanc ecar”)

– Unlimited rides on 8 different types of transport in Hakone Area (the Hakone Tozan Line, the Hakone Cable car, the Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Hakone Tozan Train, Hakone Tozan Bus (specified zone), Hakone Tozan Cable Car, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Sightseeing , Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus (specified zone), “KANKO SHISETSU-MEGURI”Bus (Tourist-facilities Round Bus), Tokai Bus Orange Shuttle (specified zone))

– Unlimited rides on Enoden line in Enoshima and Kamakura Area.

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