Nearly 30 prefectures have their own shops in Ginza/Yurakucho area in Tokyo selling their local products and specialties. These shops are called “antenna shops.” Local governments and organizations aim to provide more information about their prefectures while promoting tourism through those shops. Located in an accessible city center, these antenna shops are attracting a lot of Japanese people. They sell mostly food and drinks and some even sell farm-fresh vegetables. Many of the products they sell are not available anywhere else in Tokyo.

Tokyo Kotsukaikan building

In Tokyo Kotsukaikan building in front of JR Yurakucho station, there are over 10 antenna shops from Hokkaido, Osaka, Akita, Hakata, Tokushima and other prefectures. The ice cream from the Hokkaido shop is very popular that it’s common to see people lining up to buy them. The ice cream is made from fresh milk supplied from the contracted farmers in Hokkaido. Yubari Melon flavor made with the famous orange color melon from Hokkaido might be the flavor only available in Japan. The Osaka shop on the same floor has small space in the shop where people can buy and eat their local food such as takoyaki and dotayaki. They also sell draft beer and highball to go with.

Ginza Icchome

Around Ginza Icchome Station of Tokyo Metro is another area with many antenna shops. You will find shops from Ibaraki, Kochi, Hiroshima and more. The Okinawa shop has a wide selection of local liquor awamori, and Kochi shop has a small restaurant upstairs where they serve traditional regional menu using the local ingredients.

If there’s any prefecture that you’re interested but don’t have the time and chance to actually visit, why don’t you visit their antenna shops in Tokyo? You might be able to find some delicious souvenirs.


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