East Japan Railway Company Hachioji Branch is now holding the Conan stamp rally event until March 26th.

The free booklet for this event is available at all stations participating this event. Depending on the number of the stamps you collect on the stamp booklet, you will receive an original Conan items.


The stations where you can collect stamps are along the Chuo Lines and Ome Lines. If you are able to collect stamps from all of the 17 stations, you will get a “Completion Certificate”.

For details on how to collect the stamp and exchange for a gift, we are introducing below as an FAQ.


When is this event held?
There are 3 periods for the stamp rally, which also means you have a chance to get 3 different original Conan items.

Period 1: 2017/02/18 – 2017/02/26 (original Conan note)
Period 2: 2017/02/27 – 2017/03/12 (original Conan box tissue)
Period 3: 2017/03/13 – 2017/03/26 (original Conan shopping bag)

What time can I collect a stamp?
From 9:30 to 18:00 every day from February 18th, 2017 to March 26th, 2017.

What are the stations that I can collect stamps?
There are total 17 stations for the stamp rally as below and each station has a different stamp of characters from Conan. For example, the stamp of Kichijoji Station is Kaito Kid.

Stations for the stamp rally:
① Chuo Line: Kichijoji Station, Mitaka Station, Musashi-Sakai Station, Higashi-Koganei Station, Musashi-Koganei Station, Kokubunji Station, Nishi-Kokubunji Station, Kunitachi Station, Tachikawa Station, Hino Station, Toyoda Station, Hachioji Station, Nishi-Hachioji Station and Takao Station.

② Ome Line: Haijima Station, Kabe Station and Ome Station.

Where can I get a stamp booklet?
You can get a stamp booklet from the stamp stand or simply ask for one from the station staff near each exit.

Where is the stamp stand in each station?
All the stamp stands are outside the exits. For stations with several different exits, such as Kichijoji Station, the stamp stand is outside Chuo exit, while for Tachikawa station, it is outside East exit and West exit.

How can I exchange for an original Conan item?
Within each period mentioned above, you can exchange for an original Conan item at the goal located in Tachikawa Station after you collect 5 stamps or more. The stamps’ colour of each period is different. Stamps for period 1 are in red, those for period 2 are in green and for period 3, they are in blue. If you collected 5 stamps(which are in red) within period 1, you can exchange for an original Conan note at Tachikawa station within period 1. However, it is impossible to exchange for an original Conan box tissue using these stamps as they are in red which means they are stamps for period 1.

When can I exchange for the original Conan items?
The exchange time is from 10am to 6pm on weekends and holidays only.

Official Website
East Japan Railway Company Hachioji Branch Conan Stamp Rally(Japanese only)