Japan Weather Association’s “Tokurusu Bosai” Project website has released new contents in English titled “避難(ひなん)の心得(こころえ) 地震編(じしんへん)for foreigners” (Hinan no kokoroe jishinhen for foreigners), which explains how to protect yourself when the earthquakes occur, in English with illustrations.

The official website of “Tokurusu Bosai” project explains the danger of earthquakes and tsunami and how to protect yourself and evacuate in case of disasters in Japanese.

Now, they have added an English page on the website for foreign tourists and others who don’t understand the Japanese language, many of whom are not familiar with the earthquakes.

With illustrations, the website explains the scale of the earthquake, what to do when the earthquake strikes in different situations such as at home, in an elevator, outdoors, and etc.

Small scale earthquakes are common in Japan but many foreign tourists have never experienced the earthquake in their own country. The website may be helpful for you to get the idea of what the earthquake is like. After reading the article, you can try the “Test” on the website, which is a quiz to check your understanding of the article.

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避難(ひなん)の心得(こころえ) 地震編(じしんへん)for foreigners