Pikachus on Parade in Yokohama, Pikachu Outbreak August 8th-12th 2019

From August 6th- 12th, there is a special event taking over Yokohama, a total essential for Pokemon lovers to attend.

Ever seen those inexplicably cute videos floating around on social media that feature lines of human-sized Pikachus dancing in sync? A parade of Pikachu might seem like a figment of the imagination or a trick of the light, but it’s real!

Minato Mirai, the central tourist attraction near Yokohama’s famous red brick warehouse, (the Aka Renga Warehouse) will become the stage for a festival of Pikachu parades from August 8th-12th. Different areas in Minato Mirai will feature the dancing Pikachu accompanied by a show of lights.

Among the events are three main showcases.

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The Streets of Minato Mirai x Pikachu

Photo Credit: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/pika_event/?event_main002=msign

The Seas of Minato Mirai x Pikachu

The Forests of Minato Mirai x Pikachu

These three main parades will take place in the evening each day, beginning around 7pm. For individual times, visit the link beloe to the official site.

In addition to these parades, there will be a collaboration between Pikachu and Eevee. (Could anything be cuter?)

There will also be Pokemon themed photo-spots across Minato Mirai that will let you become or take pictures with your favorite Pokemon. It’s appropriately being called Pokegenic.

And did we mention, there will be special merchandise available for purchase?

It’s turning out to be a hot summer like no other, so think about grabbing a towel to wrap up in after a good swim, or a tote bag to bring your gear to the beach. (And no worries, no risk of any zings, these goods have been made shock-proof.

For more information Visit the Official Site

Access: 6 minute walk from Minato Mirai Station.

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