2018 The Cherry Blossom Forecast by Japan Weather Association (Mar.20)

The Sakura time has come earlier than usual this year! The latest Cherry Blossom Forecast has been published by Japan Weather Association today, March 20.

Due to the warm weather, some cherry blossom flowers have been seen in many parts of Japan including Tokyo since last weekend. The flowers have started opening earlier than usual this year. In Tokyo, it has been 9 days earlier than in usual.

Generally, it takes from 4 days to a week for the cherry blossom flowers to reach full bloom. This weekend may be the perfect time for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo.

The chart below shows the estimated dates when the flowers reach peak bloom in major cities.

Plan your hanami and don’t miss one of the most beautiful sights of Japan! Enjoy!
Check the post on hanami: Sakura season is just around the corner! Plan your hanami date and place.

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Region City Estimated Peak Bloom Date
Kyushu Fukuoka (Fukuoka) March 27
Kumamoto (Kumamoto) March 25
Shikoku Matsuyama (Ehime) March 26
Chugoku Hiroshima (Hiroshima) March 31
Kinki Osaka (Osaka) March 30
Kyoto (Kyoto) March 31
Kobe (Hyogo) March 31
Tokai Nagoya (Aichi) March 29
Shizuoka (Shizuoka) March 26
Kanto Tokyo March 24
Koshin Nagano (Nagano) April 12
Hokuriku Niigata (Niigata) April 12
Kanazawa (Ishikawa) April 5
Tohoku Sendai (Miyagi) April 12
Fukushima (Fukushima) April 8
Aomori (Aomori) April 27
Hokkaido Sapporo May 5
Muroran May 8
Hakodate May 3


The pictures below were taken today near our office. The trees have few flowers and mostly buds. When you check our post from last week, you will see that the buds have turned pink from green. See the last post: 2018 The Cherry Blossom Forecast by Japan Weather Association (Mar.14)

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