You might have seen some photos of a huge Gundam statue taken in Tokyo. That “real-sized” Gundam statue is in front of Diver City shopping mall in Odaiba, where the Gundam themed park, Gundam Front Tokyo is located at on its 7F, and Gundam Cafe on the 2F. The park itself is not big but it is definitely a must visit place for Gundam fans.

Even if you are not going to or couldn’t purchase the ticket, “Gunpla Tokyo,” the biggest exhibition of Gunpla (plastic Gundam models) in the world and the Gundam statue can be enjoyed without the ticket. The statue moves at scheduled time and there are shows in the evenings with some lights and music. The time table of the show is posted on their website. The Gundam Front Tokyo official shop near the statue is also open for visitors without the ticket. They offer some exclusive goods.

Gundam Cafe
Official shop

The admission to Gundam Front Tokyo needs to be fixed by date and time when you purhcase the ticket. Advance purchasing is recommended but the ticket seller’s website is only available in Japanese. Alternatively, you can buy the ticket at 7-Eleven convenience stores once you arrive to Japan, although the display on the ticket machine is in Japanese only. You can still get the ticket on the day at the gate of the park.

In advance
Adult/College/High School : 1,000 yen
Middle/Elementary School : 800 yen

At the gate
Adult/College/High School : 1,200 yen
Middle/Elementary School : 1,000 yen

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Admission Time

10 am – 8 pm


Gundam Front Tokyo (English)
Also available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (English)
Also available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.