To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sanyo Shinkansen and the 20th anniversary of Evangelion TV anime series, JR West will be starting “Shinkansen: Evangelion Project” from this fall

During the project period, a shinkansen specially designed by the director of Evangelion Hideaki Anno and mechanic designer Ikuto Yamashita, named “500 TYPE EVA” will be running twice a day (*Schedule may change). Passengers will be able to enjoy the world of Evangelion both from the outside as well as inside the shinkansen.

Original items will be available during the event period. For the updated information, please check the official website.



Shinkansen: Evangelion Project

Period: Fall 2015 – March, 2017


Operating period:
Fall 2015 – March, 2017 (As of now)

Operating hours:
[Kodama 730]
Departure: Hakata 6:36 – Arrival: Shinosaka 11:14
[Kodama 741]
Departure: Shinosaka 11:32 – Arrival: Hakata 16:07

500 TYPE EVA PROJECT Special Website

Original movies, wall papers, and other limited contents will be available for J-WEST Net Kaiin (J-WEST Net members). Updated information on original items will be posted on this website. The website is available in Japanese only.