A railway company JR East is now holding the Dragon Ball stamp rally event until February 27th.

Depending on the number of the stamps you collect on the stamp booklet, you will receive a small gift. This will be a fun opportunity for the Dragon Ball fans to get around Tokyo on the train while collecting the stamps of the characters!



It is free to join the stamp rally. You can get the stamp booklet for free from the major stations around the JR East Japan Yamanote Line area that has the stamp table.

As the stamp table is located outside the station exit, you have to get off the train and exit each station to get the stamp.

During the stamp rally period, there will some Dragon Ball related art inside and outside Tokyo station, and some restaurants in Gransta in Tokyo station will be serving Dragon Ball themed food.

For the details of the event, please visit the official website.
They explain how to participate in the stamp rally in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Official Website

JR East Dragon Ball Stamp Rally

Use the passes by JR East to save your money and time!

There are three types of the train passes you could use for this stamp rally. Note that except for JR Pass, the stations outside Tokyo are not covered. There are stamp stations that are not within Tokyo region. However, since it is not very realistic to finish all the 65 stations in one day, these passes may be still helpful.

1. JR Pass

Unlimited travel on all JR lines in Japan. Only available for foreign visitors staying Japan on a short-term visa.

Adults: From 29,110 YEN/7 days
Children: From 14,550 YEN/7 days

2. Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass (Tokunai Pass)

Unlimited travel within the Tokyo Metropolitan District Area.

Adults: 750 YEN
Children: 370 YEN
*Some stations on this stamp rally are not covered by this pass.

3. Tokyo 1-Day Ticket

Unlimited travel on all JR East lines as well as subways and buses.

Adults: 1590 YEN
Children: 800 YEN
*Some stations on this stamp rally are not covered by this pass.