Anime and Manga Related Museums and Theme Parks

Anime (Japanese animation) and Manga (Japanese comic books) have become great parts of Japanese culture that are highly valued in the world. For many of the foreign tourists visiting Japan, going to some anime and manga related museums and theme parks has become a popular itinerary.

Below is a list of manga and anime related museums and theme parks in Japan. The ticket prices listed here are the general prices unless otherwise stated. There may be advance tickets and group tickets that are cheaper than general tickets. Also, some facilities require advance booking and purchase of the ticket for entry. Please look into the ticket information before visiting.

Lastly, it is worth noting that although many non-Japanese speaking have been visiting those places, some of them still don’t offer multilingual services. For further details of each facility and for the updated information, please check the official websites.



A theme park of “JUMP” magazine located inside Tokyo Sunshine City World Import Mart in Ikebkuro. “JUMP” is a weekly manga anthology. The content in the past and present includes mangas that are popular overseas such as “ONE PIECE”, “Naruto”, and “Dragon Ball”.

Prefecture Tokyo
Admission Please see the official website.
Official Website
(Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)

Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum

This museum exhibits the art pieces collected by Machiko Hasegawa, the author of the comic and anime “Sazae-san”. There’s a section exhibiting the original illustrations of “Sazae-san” and other comic books drawn by Hasegawa.

Prefecture Tokyo
Admission 600 yen/Adult
500 yen/High school and College Students
400 yen/Elementary and Jr. High School Students
Official Website
(Japanese only)

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

The official museum of Studio Ghibli designed by Hayao Miyazaki himself. One of the top tourists destinations in Tokyo. Advance purchase of the ticket is required for admission.

Prefecture Tokyo
Admission 1000yen/Age 19 and over
700yen/Age 13-18
400yen/Age 7-12
100yen/Age 4-6
Official Website
(Japanese and English)


Suginami Animation Museum

A museum about Japanese anime and how anime is created in general. They have a theater playing animation, an exhibition on the history of Japanese anime, workshops and etc. Only the permanent exhibition have translations in English and Chinese.

Prefecture Tokyo
Admission Free
Official Website
(Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)

Fujiko F Fujio Museum

Fujiko F Fujio is the author of “Doraemon” and many other popular manga and anime works. Advance purchase of the ticket is required for admission.

Prefecture Kanagawa
Admission 1000yen/Adult
700yen/Junior high school & High school student
500yen/Child (Aged 4 and over)
Official Website
(Japanese, and some parts in English)

One Piece Tower

A theme park of the popular anime “ONE PIECE” in the Foot Town of Tokyo Tower. Multilingual services are available. There are staff that speak some foreign languages as well.

Prefecture Tokyo
Admission 3200 yen/Adult (Jr.High School students and above)
1600 yen/Child
Official Website
(Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)

Universal Studio Japan

“Universal Cool Japan 2016” with five special attractions related to Japanese anime, games, and pop culture is open from Jan 15 until June 26, 2016. The five attractions are Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR – The Ride, EVANGELION: THE REAL 4-D, Attack on Titan: THE REAL 2, MONSTER HUNTER: THE REAL, and RESIDENT EVIL: THE ESPCAPE 2.

Prefecture Osaka
Admission 7200 yen/Adult (Aged 12 and over)
4980 yen/Child (Ages 4-11)
6470 yen/Seniors (Aged 65 and over)
*Note that some rides require advance booking and other additional tickets.
Official Website
(Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)

Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall

The anime “Anpanman” has been a popular show for small children for a long time. The museum has facilities convenient for families with babies and small children.

Prefecture Kanagawa
Admission 1500 yen (Aged 1 and over)
Official Website
(Japanese (PDF of brouchers are availble in English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese))

Gundam Front Tokyo

A theme park of the anime “Gundam” located in Odaiba. Tickets can be purchased in advance from Ticket Pia and Seven Eleven convenience stores in Japan. Day tickets are also available, however, they will not sell them when they are full.

Prefecture Tokyo
Admission 1200 yen/High school students and over
1000 yen/Elementary school students and over
Official Website
(Japanese only)


The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum

A museum dedicated to one of the most important managa creators of all time in Japan, Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka is the author of “Astro Boy”, “Black Jack” and many more works.

Prefecture Hyogo
Admission 700 yen/Adult
300 yen/High School and Jr. High School students
100 yen/Elementary School students
Official Website
(Japanese (English, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Portugese))

Kyoto International Manga Museum

Kyoto International Manga Museum holds the world’s largest collection of manga related materials. They have permanent as well as seasonal exhibitions and events.

Prefecture Kyoto
Admission 800 yen/Adult
300 yen/High School and Jr. High School students
100 yen/Elementary School students
Official Website
(Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, and French)

Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall

A museum dedicated to the author of “Gegege no Kitaro”, a manga and anime about the Japanese folklore creatures called Yokai. It is located in Tottori prefecture where he grew up. The road from Jr Sakaiminato station to the memorial hall is named “Mizuki Shigeru Road” and there are restaurants and shops related to his works as well as more than a hundred Yokai statues along the road.

Prefecture Tottori
Admission [Admission fee of foreigners] 300yen/Adult
200yen/Junior high school& High school Student
100yen/Elementary school Student
Official Website
(Japanese and some English)

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

A museum dedicated to Aosho Aoyama, the author of “Detective Conan”, located in Tottori prefecture.

Prefecture Tottori
Admission 700yen/Adult
500yen/Junior high school& High school Student
300yen/Elementary school Student
Official Website
(Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese)
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