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What’s GetAroundJapan?

GetAroundJapan is a website dedicated to providing timely, up-to-date, and practical travel information for visitors to Japan.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan or are already in the country and in need of fresh information, our articles are designed to help you make the most of your time, ensuring your visit is worthwhile. We understand the firsthand needs of tourists visiting Japan and are constantly listening to voices from around the world.

GetAroundJapan is operated by CDJapan Rental, a subsidiary of Neowing, a well-established e-commerce company in Japan. CDJapan Rental offers rental services for SIM cards and Wi-Fi routers to foreign visitors, as well as to those studying or working in Japan. Since 2014, customers from more than 50 countries and regions around the world have used our rental services. Whether you are in Japan for sightseeing, business, or studying, we aim to make every day of your stay in Japan more convenient and comfortable through our services.


CDJapan (Neowing Corporation)
1-10-15-3F Nihonbashi Horidomecho Chuo,
Tokyo 103-0012, Japan

Services by Neowing Corporation
Neowing (E-commerce website in Japanese)
CDJapan (E-commerce website in English)
CDJapan Rental (SIM Card&Mobile wifi rental in English, Chinese, and Japanese)
GetAroundJapan (Tourism information in English and Chinese)

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