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Japan has finally opened its doors to business people and international students! The earliest implementation date is November 8

Waiting for a long time, Japan is finally going to open the entry of business people and international students. Recently, the Japanese government has formulated a new policy for the prevention of new coronary pneumonia, and business people and international students will be subject to the action management of their companies and universities after entering the country.

Previously, the Japanese government required that all people entering Japan be quarantined for 14 days in their own homes or at designated hotels. Starting last month (October 2021), the 14-day quarantine period can be shortened to 10 days if the person has received the New Crown Pneumonia vaccine designated by the Japanese government.

The new entry requirements for vaccination are approximately as follows.

After the fourth day, if the test is negative, there will be no restrictions on going out, such as taking public transportation or having a meal, provided that the company can keep track of your movements.

This is a restriction on “re-entry”, i.e. those who have already received a resident card, but have left Japan before and returned. Recently, the number of people who have been vaccinated against Newcastle pneumonia in Japan has exceeded 70%, and the number of people who are newly infected with Newcastle pneumonia in Japan is decreasing, and there are calls for the opening of new entry for foreigners.

Until now, Japan has been denying entry to foreigners who do not have a resident card (i.e., new arrivals, new students, those who have never had permanent residency in Japan before, and short-term visitors). However, in the future, if the new entry requirements mentioned above are met, i.e. a three-day separation, and if the company or school to which they belong is able to keep track of their actions, then both short-term business visitors and new students will be allowed to enter Japan.

According to the news, this measure will be implemented as early as next Monday, Nov. 8, 2021.


ビジネス目的入国、月内にも緩和 短期は待機3日で調整 留学生らも:朝日新聞デジタル

ビジネス目的の入国者 待機期間原則3日間に短縮の方針 政府|NHK 首都圏のニュース

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