The ban on Japanese entry into the country will be lifted on October 1! Prospects for international students entering Japan?

The Japanese government is currently discussing whether or not to provide permission to those from all over the world to enter Japan early next month.

The new permit will be issued to those who will stay in Japan for more than three months, including foreign students who haven’t received a student visa yet.

According to government officials, the new policy will permit mid- to long-term residents who will stay in Japan for more than three months to come to Japan. Since it is “not limited to business,” it is possible that foreign students will also receive this permission.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia in 2020, Japan has been closed since the end of March, and many students who had planned to come to Japan in April or July had to stay home. Some universities and language schools are using remote teaching solutions such as ZOOM to provide lessons, but due to different network conditions and time differences, it is difficult for all students to learn online in real-time, sometimes teachers have to make recordings of their lessons for students to watch. The lack of a Japanese language environment in Japan is also a major obstacle for students trying to improve their Japanese language skills.

In September 2020, the Japanese government opened the door for those who have a status of residence but left Japan at the beginning of the year and unable to return. This means that the business workers and students who have already begun their studies in Japan can return to Japan to work and study, but this group does not include new students who were scheduled to come to Japan in April or July. Also included are those new students that have only gotten the permit to stay in Japan and are looking to exchange their permission of residence for resident cards.

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In anticipation of this, the Japanese government and major airports are preparing for a huge influx of people to Japan. According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour Standards, in mid-September, Japan’s largest foreigner gateway, Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport can provide 10,000 PCR tests per day, while Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Chubu International Airport in Nagoya and Fukuoka Airport in Fukuoka Prefecture will also make adjustments for large-scale tests.

But it would take a long time to return to the free-flowing mode it was before the outbreak. The Japanese government has imposed restrictions on both the number of foreigners allowed to enter the country and the quarantine measures that can be taken once they enter. Currently, it is expected that the number of foreign nationals entering Japan will be around 1,000 per day, and they will be subject to PCR testing and quarantine at a designated location for 14 days after entering Japan.

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