Take a break at a wa cafe with matcha drinks and sweets.

In recent years, matcha (green tea) flavor has become more popular than ever outside Japan, and matcha flavor sweets have been one of the top selling souvenirs among foreign visitors to Japan. If you’re a matcha fan, wa café (“wa” means Japan) is your place! At wa café, you can find all kinds of matcha drinks and sweets from a bowl of bitter matcha tea to the sweetest matcha parfait.

Nana’s green tea

Nana’s Green Tea

This is the largest chain specialized in Japanese tea and matcha. They have a variety of matcha and ho-jicha drinks as well as parfaits. Meals like udon and rice bowl dishes are also available.
Nana’s Green Tea (English)

Azabu Sabo (麻布茶房)

Azabu Sabo serves Japanese desserts and tea, and meals like udon and ramen. This chain has shops overseas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore as well.
Azabu Sabo (Japanese)

Matcha latte from Yojiya Cafe

Yojiya Café (よーじやカフェ)

Yojiya is a cosmetic company found more than 100 years ago in Kyoto. Their aburatorigami (facial oil blotting paper) is very famous. Now they also have cafes in Kyoto and Tokyo. In Tokyo, their cafes can be found in Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and in Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs shopping building in Shibuya.
Yojiya Cafe (Japanese)

Zen Chafe (Zen茶‘fe)

It is a “chafe,” not café (cha means tea.) This chafe has hot and ice matcha drinks including a unique one mixing matcha with orange juice, as well as beer. Their rice bowl dishes are popular during the lunchtime. It’s located in near Coredo Muromachi shopping building in Nihonbashi.
Zen Cafe (Japanese)

Toraya Cafe (とらやカフェ)

A cafe by TORAYA, a traditional Japanese confectioner founded in Kyoto. Rather than matcha, they offer many types of desserts using their sweet red bean paste called “An.”
Toraya Cafe (Japanese)