Halal and Muslim-Friendly Restaurants

Essential information for Muslim tourists to Japan

The number of Muslim visitors to Japan is growing year by year. The most difficult part of traveling a non-Muslim country for Muslims must be finding the food they can eat. With the increasing demand for the halal meal from Muslim visitors, restaurants in Japan are slowly becoming more aware of Muslim’s religious diet.

Although there are only a few 100% halal restaurants in Japan, you can find some Muslim-friendly restaurants or vegetarian restaurants as alternatives. There’s also an option to get halal bento delivered to your place. Here are some recommended halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants and catering services for Muslims visiting Tokyo, followed by a list of helpful websites where you can find information on Muslim-friendly tourism.

Halal (Halal menu only, No alcohol served.)

Tokyo Halal Restaurant

Opened in December 2014, Tokyo Halal Restaurant is a 100 % halal restaurant serving only halal food and selling absolutely no alcoholic drinks, which is extremely uncommon in Japan. They serve Japanese food and Indian style food. The gorgeous Japanese dinner course includes tempura and beef steak. The restaurant is certified by <a href=”http://www.islam.or.jp/en/” target=”_blank”>Japan Islamic Trust.
Website: Tokyo Halal Restaurant

Tokyo Halal Deli

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Tokyo Halal Restaurant in Akasaka also does catering. They have beautiful Japanese cuisine lunch box as well as curry and mee goreng lunch box. All cooked in the halal-only kitchen.
Website: Tokyo Halal Deli

La Toque

La Toque

A halal Japanese curry restaurant in Narita Airport Terminal 2. They serve Japanese curry with extras like a big chicken cutlet and deep fried shrimps, as well as curry omurice (omelette rice) and curry udon. Their kitchen is certified by Japan Halal Association.
Website: La Toque



Hanasakaji-san (Shabu-shabu)

Certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation as “Local Halal,” this restaurant serves halal shabu-shabu besides their normal non-halal menu. The kitchen and utensils for halal food are completely separated from non-halal food. Advance booking is necessary for the halal menu.
Website: Hanasakaji-san

Minokichi (Japanese Cuisine)

Kyoto cuisine restaurant, Minokichi, has a branch in Ikebukuro and Yokohama. They serve Muslim-friendly course menu that contains no pork and no alcohol. You can enjoy the traditional style of Japanese cuisine. Advance booking is necessary.
Website: Minokichi

Halal lamb steak at Sekai Cafe

Sekai Café

Located in Asakusa, one of the most popular tourist site in Tokyo, Sekai Café serves halal menu as well as the vegetarian menu.
Website: Sekai Café

Halal Deli

Halal Deli offers Japanese and Malaysian food catering.
Website: Halal Deli


Helpful Websites

Japan Travel Guide for Muslim Travelers by JNTO
You can download a guide of Japan for Muslims issued by Japan National Tourism Organization, “Japan Travel Guide for Muslim Travelers,” from the link below.
Japan Travel Guide for Muslim Travelers by JNTO

Muslim Tourist Information by Yokohama Official Visitor’s Guide
Muslim Tourist Information

Muslim Friendly Kyoto by City of Kyoto
Muslim Friendly Kyoto

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