Shinyokohama Ramen Museum is more like a ramen-themed amusement park rather than a museum. They do have a small exhibition area explaining the different kinds of soup and noodles along with the history of ramen, but most people visit the museum to eat ramen and to enjoy their unique atmosphere. Since Japanese ramen has become so popular abroad, the museum has been receiving many foreign tourists and the place is quite tourist-friendly; free wi-fi and multilingual information pamphlets are available. Moreover, a prayer room for Muslim visitors is also provided.

Enjoy the townscape of Showa Period

Once you go down the stairs to the basement, you are taken to Japan in the mid-Showa Period. The whole floor is designed to look like the townscape from 1958, the year when the world’s first instant noodle was invented. In this retro town, you will find 9 ramen shops from different parts of Japan as well as a café and an old-fashion sweet shop that were common in the Showa Period. Take some time to go around the narrow alley, you will find an old phone booth, a public bathhouse, a cigarette shop and more…

How to order the ramen

To order a bowl of ramen, you have to purchase the meal ticket from the ticket vending machine in front of each restaurant and give it to the waiter. Not all shops have English instruction on their machine but the shop staff can help you. There’re mini-ramen in every shop, which comes in a small portion compared to the normal bowl. If you want to try more than one shop, mini-ramen would be a good choice.

“Global Standard Ramen” for vegetarians and Muslims

Most of the shop offer no-pork vegetarian ramen for vegetarians, vegans, and Muslims. Check the link below and the museum pamphlet for details.

Avoid weekends if you don’t want to wait in a line. The museum is not very big and you might find it too packed on weekends. You can check the waiting time of each shop once you enter the museum.

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Ramen Museum alley

Admission Fee:
310 yen / Adult, 100 yen / Child(6-12) & over 60, Free / Child under 6
Ramen Museum (Multilingual)
Shinyokohama Sta. (5-10 min walk)