In order to promote Ramen culture to the world, Tokyo Ramen Show 2016 will be held from October 27 to November 6 this year! The event will be split into two parts. The first half is from October 27 until November 1, and the latter from November 2 to November 6. During the each part of the event, there will be around 20 different ramen shops from a different parts of Japan to present their TASTE of ramen.

You need to get a ramen ticket for 850 yen and exchange it for a bowl of ramen that you like at the event. You can buy as many as you want and exchange them for ramen offered by different shops. Some shops also offer special toppings for ramen they sell and you need to pay for it by cash at each shop. Kakigori (shave ice) made by the ramen shops is also offered this year.

There will be limited versions of ramen menu which are produced by several famous shops that will be only avaible at Tokyo Ramen Show 2016! Also, a ramen shop from Miyagi prefecture that has just repoened their shop after being destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011 will join Tokyo Ramen Show this year. A special Kumamoto ramen is also available in the ramen show to support Kumamoto prefecture where a big earthquake struck in April this year.

It is a great chance to try the taste of the different ramen famous in both big cities like Tokyo and other local parts of Japan in one place. Why not come and find a bowl of My Ramen!

Tokyo Ramen Show


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Tokyo Ramen Show 2016


October 27 – November 6, 2016
(6:00pm on 11/1, and 11/6)


Entering the event is free
Ramen ticket 850 yen/bowl


Komazawa Olympic Park
1-1 Komazawa-koen Setagaya, Tokyo


Komazawa-Daigaku Station on Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line (12min-walk)
Toritsu-Daigaku Station on Tokyu Toyoko line (22min-walk)
Jiyugaoka Station on Tokyu Toyoko line (25min-walk)
*Please do not visit the event by cars.

Official Website (Japanese)

Tokyo Ramen Show 2016


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