Travel Japan on a Train: Tadami Line (3/3)

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The train departs Aizu-Miyashita station, and passes the town office and a school, and continues to run along the Tadami River. The train gets closer to the river after passing the Miyashita Dam. Especially during the autumn foliage season, the beautiful scenery makes the people on the train rise up from their seats and raise a cheer.



After passing the Third Bridge, the train stops at Hayato station. There are hot spring facilities in this town as well. After Aizu-Mizunuma station, the train goes over the Forth Bridge. The train runs through the forest and sees the red-roofed houses in the Oshi Shuraku village on the right. Then finally the train reaches Aizu-Kawaguchi station.


The Oshi Shuraku Village

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The platform of Aizu-kawaguchi station is located at the side of the Tadami River that many times it is depicted as “a station like a port”. The surrounding mountains and the houses of the Oshi Shuraku village, and their reflection on the river create a beautiful sight. This is the moment when you feel the joy of travelling on a local line.

The station building has a post office, JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) office, and a tourist information center OASIS that also sells local products. Small shops, restaurants, and lodges are located around the station. Although it is a bit far from the station, there are hot-spring areas such as Tamanashi Onsen in the village as well. The hot springs are reachable by a bus or taxi.



Recommended Destination in Any Season

Since the frequency of Tadami line is limited, it is difficult to stopover at every station on the line. However, it seems that many people consider spending time on the train as one of the highlights of their trip.

Okuaizu, the area we introduced in this article, may not be as fancy as other major tourist destinations yet they offer a lot of simple pleasure like meeting welcoming local people, soaking in the hot spring, touring around historical sites, and learning about local products and handicrafts. There are different beauty and themes to enjoy in each season in Okuaizu. We believe everyone can discover something new on each visit in any season.

Find out more about Aizu-Wakamatsu on the official website by Aizu-Wakamatsu city.

Travel on a Local Line

Travelling on a local train is not as easy as travelling on a bullet train or by a tour bus. You need to be patient as local train is slow, and be able to manage your time as timetables in Japan are pretty much punctual. Perhaps a bit of Japanese language skills is also important to travel the countryside. Having said that, slow travel on a local line while watching the landscape go by from the train window might be the most relaxing way of experiencing Japan. When the standing time is long enough, you can get off at small stations to see around the town and take photos. That is also the fun part of traveling on a train. If you’re curious and adventurous, and love nature, we believe visiting rural Japan by local trains would offer you a unique and memorable experience.


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