Yamaguchi Prefecture has been offering a pass that allows unlimited ride on all public buses (except for Chugoku JR Bus) in the prefecture only for foreign tourists. Three kinds of pass: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days pass are available. There’s no child rate and foreign passport will be required when purchasing the pass.

1 day: 2000 yen
2 day: 4000 yen
3 day: 5000 yen

Where to buy
Ticket counters at Yamaguchi station, Shin Yamaguchi station (conventional line exit and Shinkansen exit), Shimonoseki station, Tokuyama station, Iwakuni station, Kintaikyo station, and at Hiroshima bus center.

Valid period
Until September 30, 2015

Valid buses
The following bus services in Yamaguchi Prefecture

– Local bus –
Bocho kotsu, Sanden kotsu, Funaki tetsudo, Ube bus, Iwakuni City Transportation Bureau, Blueline kotsu, and Iwakuni bus.

– Airport Bus –
Yamaguchi Ube Airport Connection Bus (Sunden kotsu and Ube bus only) and Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport Connection Bus.

– Inter city high way bus –
To/from Hiroshima Bus center during the daytime (Bocho kotsu and Iwakunibus only).

– Community bus –
Yamaguchi municipal community bus, Hagi circulating bus “Maaru Bus”, and Hofu circulating bus “Hana moyu”.

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