JR Hokkaido and JR East will launch a new discount pass for foreign visitors on April 1. The new pass named “JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass” will allow unlimited ride on Shinkansen and the limited express in the East Japan area, including the Tohoku region and South Hokkaido area (Sapporo, Hakodate, and the New Chitose Airport).

With this pass and the launching of new Hokkaido Shinkansen, foreign visitors will have the privileges to travel wider area with a great discount!!

Note that the prices are 1000 yen cheaper for adults and 500 yen for children when purchased overseas.

JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

On sale

From April 1, 2016

Valid period

Any six days of your choice during the 14-day period from the day the pass is purchased in Japan, or exchanged in Japan for those purchased overseas.

Where to buy

In Japan: JR Sales Offices, Ticket counter and etc.
Overseas: Some tour companies and travel agencies selling other passes such as Japan Rail Pass.


Purchased overseas: Adults (age 12 and up) 26,000 yen, children (age 6 to 11) 13,000 yen
Purchased in Japan: Adults (age 12 and up) 27,000 yen, children (age 6 to 11) 13,500 yen

Who can buy the pass

Non-Japanese passport holders who have entered Japan with a “Temporary Visitor” visa to stay in Japan for no longer than 90 days.


Unlimited use of the ordinary car reserved seating on limited express trains (Shinkansen included), express trains, and local trains on JR Hokkaido lines, JR EAST lines (BRT included), all Izu Kyūkō lines, all Tokyo Monorail lines, all Aoimori Railway lines, all Iwate Galaxy Railway lines and all Sendai Airport Transit lines, within the free usage area. In addition, there is also unlimited use of the ordinary car reserved seating on limited express trains such as the Tobu Direct Limited Express “Nikko,” “SPACIA Nikko,” “Kinugawa,” and “SPACIA Kinugawa” trains.
*Not valid between Goryokaku Sta. and Kikonai Sta. on the South Hokkaido Railway line.

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