After the rainy season, the humid summer of Japan begins. Just around the same time, summer clothes will be already on SALE!

Here is the information of when the summer sale starts in major shopping centers and department stores in central Tokyo.

Area Shop Name and Summer Sale Start Date
Ginza and Yurakucho Tokyu Plaza 7/1
Mitsukoshi Department Store 7/13
Lumine Yurakucho 7/14
Marui 7/1
Shinjuku Isetan Department Store Shinjuku 7/13
Lumine 7/14
Takashimaya Department Store 7/1
Marui 7/1
Omotesando, Harajuku, and Shibuya Tokyu Plaza 7/1
Omotesando Hills 7/1
Laforet 7/21
Mark City 7/1
Lumine 7/14
109 Shibuya 7/1
Ikebukuro Parco, P’Parco 7/1
Marui 7/1
Lumine 7/14
Sunshine City Alpa 7/14
Marunouchi Marunouchi Bldg. 7/1
Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. 7/1
Marunouchi oazo 7/1
Tokyo Building TOKIA 7/1
Marunouchi BRICK SQUARE 7/1
Odaiba Venus Fort 6/24
Aqua City Odaiba 6/24
Diver City Odaiba 6/24
Decks Tokyo Beach 6/24