An electronics retailer Laox has opened a new duty-free store in Shinjuku earlier this month. Following Akihabara main store and Ginza main store, Shinjuku main store has become Laox’s third flagship duty-free store.

Another major electronics retailer LABI also also opened a tax-free shop LABI Amenity & Tax Free in Shinbashi in April.

The uniqueness of these tax-free shops are that they sell a variety of items besides home appliances. They sell snacks, cosmetics, bags and watches, medicines, clothes, and many more items that are popular among foreign tourists. Laox has a section for Muslim customers, too, where they offer selection of halal food and souvenirs preferred by many Muslim customers.

More duty free shops are planned to be opened in cities this year!

Check out their website for detailed information
Laox Shop Information
LABI Amenity & Tax Free

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