Japan Tourism Agency has announced on June 12, that they will be promoting new seven sightseeing routes for foreign tourists, each with different themes. Although the number of foreign tourists to Japan has been increasing, majority of them concentrate on cities like Tokyo and Osaka. The agency hopes to encourage foreign tourists to visit other prefectures by promoting new routes.

The new seven routes and their themes are as below.

① Hokkaido – Route to Asian Natural Treasures

Areas: Furano, Tokachi Hot Spring, Shiretoko, Kushiro and etc.
Highlight: The nature, view and food of Hokkaido for all four seasons.

② Exploration to the Deep North of Japan

Areas: Aomori, Akita and the Aizu area in Fukushima.
Highlight: The nature, history, culture, and food of Tohoku (Northern part of Japan). Reconstruction of Tohoku by the support of tourism.


Areas: Shirakawago in Gifu, Kanazawa in Ishikawa, Ise in Mie and etc.
Highlight: Make use of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the new Hokuriku Shinkansen route to visit the rich nature, history, and traditional crafts.

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Areas: Nara, Kumano in Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka and etc.
Highlight: Five world heritage listed sites on the route.

⑤ The Inland Sea, SETOUCHI

Areas: Tokushima, the Setouchi Inland Sea region and etc.
Highlight: An extensive route from the so-called “golden route”. The quiet inland sea and historical buildings and industrial arts.

⑥ Spiritual Island -SHIKOKU HENRO-

Areas: Shikoku region
Highlight: The culture of Ohenro (Buddhist pilgrimage route), historical sites, and etc.

⑦ Extensive Sightseeing Route of “Onsen Island” Kyushu

Areas: Kyushu region
Highlight: A number of Onsen in prefectures in Kyushu.


The government will be supporting prefecural governments to promote these routes by providing financial assistance in marketing, fixing wi-fi environment and multilingual signage, overseas promotion, and so on.