Nakano in Tokyo is the area known as the “town of Japanese subculture.” While Akihabara is more widely acknowledged as the otaku town abroad, Nakano is just as much a popular place among otakus in Japan. It is where offices of many famous animation production companies are located at, and Nakano Broadway shopping center near the station has dozens of shops selling items related to manga, anime, and games.

On November 30th, the town was full of cosplayers who gathered to enjoy MAG Festa, a festival of manga, anime, and game, organized by Nakano Broadway shopping center promotion association, Nakano Station South Exit shopping street, and Nakano Sun Mall shopping center promotion association.

The event started at 10 am and continued until 5 pm. Since there is a rule among the cosplayers that they should not wear the costumes until they arrive at the cosplay venue, a proper changing room was provided by the organizer near the station. By 10 am, there was a huge crowd of cosplayers in front of the Nakano Sun Plaza. Non-cosplayers were also able to enjoy the event, especially the cosplay parade when a long line of cosplayers marched through the town of Nakano. Many other events such as a cosplay fasion show and talk shows by voice actresses went on at the special stage in front of Nakano Sun Plaza. The “real-scale” AV-98 Ingram robot from an anime/manga Patlabor displayed in front of the station also drew a big crowd with cameras.

Anime/manga related events are often held in Nakano. Anime and manga fans should keep an eye on upcoming events in Nakano.


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