On April 1, 2015, Tukuyomi Kagurano Touya, a wa-Japanese- artist promoting Japanese culture released his 1st album “Yagami (夜神灯)”.

Tukuyomi Kagurano Touya has been promoting Japanese culture widely both in Japan and overseas through music and other performances. Reflecting the artist’s view of the world, the lyrics and tone of the music in the album are intended to express the charms of Japan.

Album “Yagami (夜神灯)”


About the Artist

Tukuyomi Kagurano Touya promotes Japanese culture through music and manga.
– The artist in the form of a fox who travels between past and future, and 2D and 3D world. –

Tukuyomi Kagurano Touya came to this world from the Heian Period as a divine messenger. His mission is to wipe out yokai (Japanese specters) and to promote Japanese culture.

The background story of Tukuyomi Kagurano Touya is depicted in the original manga “Yagami (夜神灯)”. It’s a manga about the battles between divine messengers and yokai journeying space and time.

In the work of music, he incorporates different elements of “Cool Japan” in each piece, from subculture to classic.

Taking advantage of his 2D-like look, he promotes Japanese culture by introducing Japan content through photos, movies and etc. His works have been drawing attention not only inside Japan but also from overseas.


Manga ‘Yagami’


About the album “Yagami”

Title:「夜神灯-Yagami-」 Release date:2015.04.01 Format:CD
Label:Yagamiya Distributor:Daiki Sound ASIN:B00T8TY57S Part number:YGMI-108 JAN:4948722512592

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