Tokyo Idol Festival, the world’s biggest idol festival is going to be held in Odaiba for the 6th time on Aug 1st and 2nd. It is the perfect event to see over 100 idol groups in live and experience the Japanese idol culture.

Special Invitation to Non-Japanese Fans

Great news for foreign visitors who are going to be around in Tokyo on Aug 1st and 2nd. There are chances of getting special invitation if you register now! Invitations are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. 250 invitations are prepared for each day of the event. To apply, complete the pre-registration form from their website.

Event information

Date: August 1st & August 2nd, 2015
Place: Odaiba, Aomi area


2-Day Ticket [Aug. 1&2] 9,800 yen (tax inc.)
1-Day Ticket [Aug. 1] 6,000 yen (tax inc.)
1-Day Ticket [Aug. 2] 6,000 yen (tax inc.)

NEW!! (Edited 5/30)
Tickets can be purchased from overseas now! Please check the official website for the details.
2-Day Ticket [Aug. 1&2] $ 90.12 (¥ 10,780)
1-Day Ticket [Aug. 1] $ 55.18 (¥ 6,600)
1-Day Ticket [Aug. 2] $ 55.18 (¥ 6,600)


Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 by TOKYO IDOL PROJECT (English)