Pocket Wi-fi is Now an Essential Item for Travelers

Now a lot of us are accustomed to being online all the time. One of the best ways to avoid the expensive data roaming charges while you are abroad is to rent a pocket wi-fi in the country you are visiting.

A pocket wi-fi is a palm-size portable wi-fi router you can bring along anywhere. It allows you to keep any wi-fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops online without cables.

5 Reasons Why Pocket Wi-fi is Handy for Travellers

1. Small and light

You can bring it anywhere with you and it won’t take much space in your bag.

2. Shareable

You can connect multiple devices at the same time, which means you can use your smartphone and laptop at the same time, or share one device with your friends or family.

3. Secure Network

Each device has it’s own wifi network ID and unique passwrod, so it is secure compared to public free wi-fi.

CDJapan Rental has a great deal on pocket wifi, with a range of flexible plans starting at ¥187/day. Japan Pocket Wifi Rental

4. Easy to Use

It is very easy to use; all you need to do is to turn on the wi-fi device, find the network on your device, and enter the password.

5. Economical

Usually, rental pocket wi-fi are cheaper than international roaming charges. When you think about all the advantages of renting a pocket wi-fi such as 1-4 in this list, you may find the prices to be very reasonable.

Getting around Japan with a Pocket Wi-fi

Considering the fact that many Japanese people don’t speak English, that many restaurants still don’t have English menu, or that the train system is very complicated and so on, unless you are familiar with the Japanese language, having internet connection will be very helpful to get around the country.

With a pocket wifi in your bag, you will be able to use messaging apps(WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, FB Messenger etc.), Google map, translator, dictionary, social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.), emails and etc., without worrying about the roaming charges or limited time/area of public free wi-fi.

Check out CDJapan Rental!

CDJapan Rental offers 2 types of wi-fi (Standard speed and High-speed) for competitive prices. The minimum package starts from 5 days and the longest are 90 days!

Go check the website: CDJapan Rental (Pocket Wi-Fi Rental)

If you are planning to visit Japan in March or April, book early as the cherry blossom season is the peak tourist season in Japan!


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