If you need a prepaid voice SIM, you should get it before leaving Narita or Haneda airport. It will be difficult to find one once you are in the cities.

As of March 2017, there are two prepaid voice SIM card brands available at Narita or Haneda airport. There are many SIM cards sold at the airports but other than these two are prepaid data only SIM cards that do not come with a phone number.

One is from Telecom Square, called Wi-Ho! Data&Voice Prepaid SIM, and the other is from XCOM GLOBAL, called Japan Prepaid SIM. The latter just came out on March 15, 2017.

 Wi-Ho! Data&Voice Prepaid SIM
by Telecom Square
Japan Prepaid SIM
by Xcom Global
VoiceLocal calls: Unlimited incoming + outgoing(Max.10min/call) calls

International calls: Worth 300yen included
*Rechargeable at convenience stores
Local Calls: Unlimited incoming + outgoing(Max.10min/call) calls

International calls: Incoming only
Data1GB / 3GB
Valid period15 days
SIM card sizeMicro / NanoNano
*SIM card adapter for Micro and Regular SIM is sold for 100 JPY.
Location of sellersNarita Airport:
- MOBILE CENTER Narita 1 (T1 B1) 7:30-21:00
- Telecom Square Narita 1 (T1 1F) 7:30-21:00
- MOBILE CENTER Narita 2 (T2 B1) 7:00-21:00
- Telecom Square Narita 2 (T2 1F) 7:30-21:00
- MOBILE CENTER Narita 3 (T3 2F) 6:00-21:00Haneda Airport:
- MOBILE CENTER Haneda (Int'l T 2F) 6:00-23:00
Narita Airport:
- XCOM GLOBAL (T1 North, 1F) 7:30-21:00
- XCOM GLOBAL (T2 B1) 7:00-21:00Haneda Airport:
- XCOM GLOBAL (Int'l T 3F) 4:00-26:00
Price1GB/5500 JPY, 3GB/7500 JPY (Including tax.)


1. For short-term travelers
Both of them are prepaid voice SIM cards for short-term travelers. Therefore, the valid period is maximum 15 days and it cannot be extended.

2. International calls
While Wi-Ho! Data&Voice Prepaid SIM allows both international incoming calls and outgoing calls, Japan Prepaid SIM only allows international incoming calls.

3. Sellers
The sellers’ business hours are different. Please check the arrival time of your flight.

You don’t need voice feature?

If you think you are ok with a SIM card without voice feature, there are many prepaid data only SIM cards for visitors. You can get them from shops and also from vending machines.

Even with a data only SIM, you can still make voice calls using apps like Whatsapp, LINE, and Skype. Data only SIMs are cheaper!