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Last Modified: 2015/02/25

The services of GetAroundJapan.jp (hereinafter referred to as the "Service(s)") are provided by its parent company Neowing Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") under the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms and Conditions"). As by using the Services constitute an agreement to the Terms and Conditions, we ask that you read them carefully. The term "User(s)" refers to anyone visiting GetAroundJapan.jp and/or contributing content on this website including the Members. The term "Member(s)" refers to a User who registers to hold an account on GetAroundJapan.jp. The term "Website" refers to GetAroundJapan.jp.

Please refer to the GetAroundJapan Privacy Policy for information regarding Users' privacy at GetAroundJapan. We ask that Users read and understand this policy before using the Services.

  1. Users are restricted from using any information provided by the Company through the Services in any way outside of those accepted by the personal fair usage rights described by the copyright law of Japan without receiving prior consent from the copyright holder. In the event that a problem arises due to copyright infringement, the User in question is fully responsible for any fees or other responsibilities required to resolve the copyright dispute, and must resolve the dispute without causing hardship or loss to the Company.
  2. For content posted by a User, the User agrees that the Company or a party that the Company specifies may freely use rights without restriction and on a non-exclusive basis not paying compensation.
  3. The User is responsible for resolving at his or her expense all claims or petitions that arise owning to or in connection with content posted by the User. If the Company incurs costs in connection with responding to claims or petitions as described, or if the Company pays compensation for damages, the User in question shall bear said costs as well as compensation for damages and attorney fees that the Company pays. The Company reserves the right to demand that said User pays the sum amount of those costs.
  4. The Company is not responsible for preserving content posted by a Member.
  5. The Company has the right to view content posted by a Member as the need arises to manage the content, and if the Company determined that it conflicts with the Terms and Conditions or it is inappropriate, the Company reserves the right to either partially or entirely remove said content from the public domain or delete it without prior notice to the Member.

Users are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities when using the Services.

  1. Post any message, data, photos, videos or any other material that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, harassing, threatening, discriminatory, invasive of privacy or public rights, abusive, or otherwise objectionable;
  2. Post any message, data, photos, videos or any other material that encourages criminal activities and provide instructions for those activities;
  3. Post or send viruses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files;
  4. Post photos or information about children without their consent (or their parent's consent in the case of a child under the age of 13);
  5. Any actions that infringes and violates any copyright, trademark, and other intellectual proprietary rights of any third party;
  6. Use the Website or its content for any commercial purpose either partially or entirely;
  7. Impersonate others to use the Services;
  8. Collect or provide personal information of others;
  9. Attempt to prevent the operation of the Services in any way;
  10. Other actions that the Company deems unsuitable.

  1. The Company shall bear no responsibility to compensate damages incurred by the User as a result of using the Services.
  2. The Company shall bear no responsibility to compensate if a User causes a third party to incur damages due to his or her utilization of the Services. The User is personally responsible for compensating damages.
  3. Content and information from the Website shall be considered to be profitable at that point in time. The Company provides no guarantees as to the completeness, accuracy, applicability, usefulness, usability, security or reliability of information provided or information such as text and other content that is saved and sent by Users.
  4. The Company may provide information or give advice to Users at our discretion but shall bear no responsibility for the results thereof.

A Member agrees to take full responsibility for all actions performed with his or her account and password, and is responsible for the protection of his or her account and password information. Please note that the Company reserves the right to stop accounts found to be used unlawfully.

Members may cancel their accounts anytime from their own account. Once the account is disabled, all content by the Member will be unpublished.

A Member agrees to receive notifications at the email address registered with his or her account regarding registrations, confirmations, and other information regarding the usage of the Website.

The Company stores small pieces of information called Cookies on the hard drive of Users' computers. Cookies enable the Company's system to recognize Users' browsers each time they visit the Website, and to make it easier for the Members to log in by maintaining and protecting sessions. By changing the settings of browser, a User can choose to disable it from accepting Cookies.

  1. The governing laws for the Terms and Conditions shall be the laws of Japan.
  2. In the event that the need arises for litigation between the User and the Company, the Tokyo Regional Court (Tokyo Chiho Saibansho) shall become the first and sole arbitrator for such litigation.

The Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

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