Rewards Points

Once you become a member at GetAroundJapan, you can post photos on Travel Photos and reviews on Places to receive points. These points can be converted to CDJapan rewards points, which can be used when you shop at CDJapan.

Post reviews on Places [20P]

Write a review and post photos of the favorite place you visited in Japan.

※The maximum points a member can earn each month are 500P.
CDJapan points are valid for one year only from the date issued.

When you log in with CDJapan ID and password

Go to your account and click on "Convert Points to CDJapan" button and it will be converted to CDJapan points immediately.

When you log in as a new user or with your facebook or twitter account using social login

  1. You need to sign up for CDJapan to create a CDJapan account. Please complete CDJapan registration first.
  2. Once the registration at CDJapan is completed, go to "Settings" in your account and click on "Connect" button on the right of "CDJapan".
    This will enable your GetAroundJapan account to connect with your CDJapan account.
  3. Click on"Convert Points to CDJapan" button and it will be transferred to CDJapan points immediately.